The short answers for "yes" and "no"

There are no "fixed" words for "yes" or "no" in Chinese answers. One uses the verb or verb with verb particle used in the question.
你 好 吗?
nĭ hăo ma? 📷
How are you?
The short affirmative answer is the stative verb of  好 hăo yes (lit. well) and its negative form is 不好 bù hăo no (lit. not well). If the question is
你是 老师 吗?
nĭ shì lăoshī ma? 📷
Are you a teacher?
The affirmative answer is the verb 是 shì yes, and the negative form is 不是 búshì no.
The short answer to 你吃了饭吗?nĭ chī le fàn ma? have you eaten? is the verb 吃 chī and the verb particle 了le: 吃了 chī le.
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