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3 Greetings for Different Situations in Mandarin

6 years ago
Do you know that we say “Nihao” only to people we meet for the first time”?
And actually we hardly say"Nihaoma”.

Here are 3 Greetings for Different Situations in Mandarin.
1.第一次見面 meet someone for the first time
Hello, I am Abby, and you?

2 朋友/已經認識的人 Friends / people you already know
嗨!今天怎麼樣? / 最近過得怎麼樣?
嗨!今天怎么样? / 最近过得怎么样?
Hi! How are you doing today?/ How have you been?

3. 正式-見客戶 Formal/meet clients
Hi, my surname is Chen, it’s very nice to meet you!

Want to listen to a native speaker saying it?
Take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/5nU_vPs25_0