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白羊 双子 和金牛,星座故事

4 年前
白羊座 Aries is a natural comedian: 天生的喜剧演员 Aries with you, people are never bored! Naturally lively, you deliver jokes quickly. Jokes come to you instantly, and your thoughts are often funny, although sometimes surprising. You can easily offend your loved ones with your lack of tact! 身边有白羊座的朋友,你永远都不会无聊!白羊座生性活跃,很会讲笑话。你的想法往往很有趣,虽然有时候也会令人感到震惊。处事不够圆滑的你很容易得罪身边的亲人。 Taurus 金牛座 Taurus always ruins the punch line: 不擅长讲笑话 Taurus, you like humor… if it comes from someone else. You laugh really hard at jokes that surface from your entourage, but you often have trouble telling jokes. Each time that you forget a story, you lose your temper trying to explain it and the punch line is often missed! 金牛座的你喜欢别人的幽默。同伴讲了一个笑话,你会笑到肚子痛,但你自己却不擅长讲笑话。有时候你讲笑话的思路被打乱了,然后就没有耐心再继续下去,所以别人听不懂你的一语双关。 Gemini 双子座 Geminis are witty comedians: 诙谐的喜剧演员 You're a real jokester, Gemini! With your teasing and playful attitude, you always have a good word to bounce off of and make your loved ones or co-workers laugh. Your sense for quick comebacks impresses others, and you handle words like no one else. Bravo! 双子座真的很会讲笑话!你逗趣爱玩的态度总能让你想到好词反击亲友或同事,令他们大笑不已。你的快速反击令众人难忘,你对言语的掌握也与众不同。真是太精彩了!