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Can anyone see this question?

6 年前
My computer ran in a speed so low that I have to refresh this website every 5 mins.And in the community of china in Verbling , I saw little Chinese there.I'm confused. Seeing that there are so many Chinese learning English and other foreign languages these days,this community of china in verbling should be crowded with Chinese. Chinese government do put a lot of restriction in the internet to reduce the information from other country,so I 'm wondering if anyone can see this question or I'm just surfing this website alone.😮
By the way ,if you do see this question ,could you please tell me how to get a net friend from Spain or someone who can speak Spanish ? I'm desperate for a foreign friend to see a bit more of this world and learn a different language.I can speak Mandarin(of course😆 😆 ),and I'm pretty good at the pronunciation ,I can teach Mandarin in return .
Thank you!