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Daily sentence of Chinese idiom

6 年前
bēi shuǐ chē xīn
杯    水     车  薪
用一杯水去救一车着了火的柴草:use a cup of water to put out a burning cart of firewood. it means that sth is far from enough to solve a problem,indicates there is no use,in vain.
杯:cup, here is a measure word ( a cup of)
一杯水:a cup of water.
水:water, in the legendary story related, actually it refers to a cup of tea.
车:cart,here it is a measure word means (a cart of)
薪:in old days, it refers to faggot or firewood that could be used as fuel, nowadays 薪 means salary or wage(薪水 in Chinese)  .
用......去......: use...to do...
着火🔥:on fire