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March Chinese Speaking Challenge

6 years ago

Hi, Verbling Chinese learners!

Welcome to our monthly Speaking Challenge section!

Last month, our challenge topic is number. I am honored to announce the Winner of February Chinese Speaking Challenge is @Isabella!!! Isabella currently is a freshman in Biology major who also has the passion in learning Chinese.Great job @Isabella! Congratulations!

This month, we will do a little bit change compare with previous challenge section. We will host the challenge for two groups of learners. Each group will have one winner, and all the successful participants will get a sample of challenge answer and a correction of their submissions for free.

Award: The winner will get a free 60 minutes Chinese Mandarin class with Murphy!
Time: Start from March 3rd and end on March 31st, 2018.
The result will be published no later than April 3rd.

Group I includes
1. Young learners ,whose age are under 12 years old,
2. Beginners, who have less than 3 months Chinese learning experience.

Group II includes
Advanced learners for business or advanced academic reasons.

March topic for group I is describing days of the week. To be a successful participate, please record an audio for yourself in Chinese to describing days of the week, from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ....., till Sunday, as many ways as you know.

March topic for Group II is the proper way in Chinese to say sorry. To be a successful participate, please record an audio for yourself in Chinese. In your audio, you need include the three most common ways in Chinese to say sorry and briefly explain the differences between these three ways.

Then all the participants need to send the recording file to Teacher Murphy through Verbling message. https://www.verbling.com/teachers/murphy
After you submit, you will receive a conformation message for successfully participate.

Try your Best to Win!!! Happy learning Chinese!