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关于颜色的词语 the Chinese words about color

5 年前
蓝 深蓝 浅蓝 ---about blue
绿 深绿 浅绿 墨绿 翠绿 ---about green
红 粉红 大红 海螺红 深红 紫红 殷红 米红 绯红 ---about red
黄 鹅黄 米黄 浅黄 蛋黄 梨黄 ----about yellow
Chinese word each character have it's a different meaning.so the character can to be one word, but most time Chinese word is two character together, the 2 characters can make new words, that is very interesting, like 车 means car,火 means fire,but they together 火车 means train, if you'd like to know more Chinese words can ask me.