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What’s the weather like in your city?

6 年前
Hi my friends, today is Mar 22th, I am in Guangzhou city of China, now it is Spring, but let me tell you what the weather like here.
I know my friend Cookie in Boston just posted a picture on wechat, it is snowing there, and it is said it would have another big snow soon. And here in Guangzhou , I am experiencing four seasons in one day.

In the early morning, the temperature is less than 10 degrees and it's blowing winds, which is very cold, you feel like the same with that in winter. Sadly I caught a cold. 😪 😫 😫
As the time goes, the temperature goes higher, and you feel warm in the morning, kinds of spring.
At the noon it's really hot, sunshine everywhere, you feel that you are sweating at every pore. They say a good sweat will cure a cold, so I would let it go, let it sweat. 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁
Then in the afternoon, it is cool again, feel like in autumn.

But some people may say that , is there autumn or spring in Guangzhou? Yes, to some extent it is true. Because spring or autumn only last for one month in Guangzhou, and most time it is summer and winter. So we cherish spring and autumn very much. Two weeks ago, all the Tabebuia chrysantha are getting blossomed, and then this morning I found all the yellow flowers are falling away. It reminds me one sentence, flowers bloom and then fade away, seasons come and go, just seize the day, and enjoy every moment of your happy life.