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Aidan Doyle

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Do you FEEL that you get stuck mid-sentence trying to think of the correct words and if you are using the correct grammar? Are you looking for a SOLUTION to say goodbye to that feeling and to feel confident speaking English in any environment?
✅If your answer is YES then I can help you....

My expertise lies in helping students who feel stuck and want to feel more fluent in their conversation without having to pause and taking that leap from B2-C2. If that sounds like you, I'd be happy to help you get there

I began teaching ESL 14 years ago and over the years through continual research and observation I have developed my own method of teaching focusing on the 4 C's: CLEAR CONCISE COMMUNICATION & CONTEXT with FAST results.

Pronunciation is also a key aspect of effective communication and I will teach you how to sound and enunciate each syllable perfectly just like a singer mastering each note. You will eventually become your own teacher as you will feel it. All my students self correct without exception (usually during our trial class). My accent is also neutral so you will be able to understand me clearly which you can hear in my teacher introduction video.

😊 What happens during a trial class?

First of all, I like to have an informal chat with each student and get to know you and as we do this patterns emerge. In the second part of the trial class, we have a deeper chat and I will show you what we need to work on and tailor a plan for your personal requirements. After a few lessons, I see dramatic improvements as I use tried and tested techniques which have worked with over 10,000 students in 49 countries so far

🎇 Why choose me as a teacher?

In one word EXPERIENCE. I have been a Teacher/Trainer/Mentor in many capacities and so far lived in 8 countries including Spain, S Korea, China and Australia travelling around many more so I have a lot of stories and can have interesting conversations on a variety of topics. I am also a published writer and have written 2 articles a week for a newspaper in London.

I am not just a standard ESL teacher, I have also taught English Literature, Modern History and Business Management and have taught workshops around the world and have a strong business background in Sales, Marketing and Event Management

🎭 What can you expect from our classes?

After the trial lesson, we will start focusing on your English requirements straight away. I have lots of materials to help you. You will notice gradual improvement after every class and I make sure that you fully understand everything before moving on to the next lesson topic. Also, feel free to ask any questions for clarity and don't be afraid of making mistakes as that is how you learn.

I look forward to working with you and helping you master the English language and to communicate with confidence.



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1996 - 1999
Bsc in Business & Marketing Management
University of Salford - Manchester, England
I chose this course as I got to study Business, Economics, Law, Sociology. Psychology and many more fascinating subjects which I can tell you more about


2019 - 2020
Online ESL Teacher
iTutor Group/Cambly - Online
I wanted to explore the world of online teaching so for the last 9 months I chose to work for iTutor as they have great topic based lessons which I teach 1-1 or groups up to 6 to students of all ages and levels. I also chose Cambly as I get to teach Business Professionals and Masters/Ph.d students from all over the world looking to improve their English or study for IELTS. I acheived Supertutor status with my classes being fully booked consistently after 2 weeks and a rating score above 4.9. Now that I feel comfortable teaching online I am ready to take it to the next level with Verbling
2016 - 2018
Head of ESL & High School Teacher
Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK) - Kunshan, China
In my first year I started off as Head of ESL for Grades 4-8 and created a curriculum based on student needs. As time went by, I was also asked to create a syllabus and teach G9 English Literature and G10 World History. At the end of this year our school were applying for IB Accreditation and I was selected by my Principal and Colleagues to study for the IB DP Diploma in English Language B which I successfully completed and created a 2 year Syllabus for the students. In my 2nd year, I started teaching this and was also asked to teach ESL for Grades 9-10 and G10 Business Studies which I thoroughly enjoyed
2015 - 2016
ESL Teacher (Advanced Level)
CLC Idiomas - Cordoba, Spain
I was asked to teach the advanced level students and prepare them for Cambridge based Exams such as KET, PET, Cambridge First Certificate from A2-C2 Levels
2011 - 2013
NET (Native English Teacher
GEPIK (Korean Government) Bansong/Solvit Middle Schools - Dongtan, S Korea
I taught Middle School Students of all levels and developed fun activities and lessons for Winter/Summer Camps


2014 - 2015
TEFL Masters (150 Hrs)
Global Language Training - Online
Intensive Grammar & Business English based on ;The Communicative Approach to Teaching