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Easier ways to practice the numbers and hours in your new language!

7 years ago
Time and numbers are crucial for any successful language learner to know. Students who are taught the numbers find it easy to understand how they're composed and maybe even memorize them in one lesson. Yet, when it comes to learning numbers and times by heart and using them correctly when needed, many find that to be a difficult task.

For engraving numbers and times successfully into the memory, I give my students this important tip:

Incorporate the numbers/hours in *insert language here* into your daily life.

The question is: how do I do that?

-Have we discussed numbers?
Why don't you try to remember how much different commodities cost in the language you're learning next time you visit the grocery store.

Next time you see the number of steps you've taken today on your smartphone, why not remember them in the language you're learning.

-Have we discussed how to tell the time?
It is a great opportunity to remember it every time you're checking the time.

If you are surrounded by speakers of the language you're learning (or at least one person who speaks it) try to only tell them numbers and times in the language you're learning. It may take some time and effort, but it will eventually pay off! Besides, you will have someone to correct you when you're wrong.

-What if I don't have anyone to correct me when I'm wrong?
You can always download a simple sheet (My students know these sheets very well) with the method of pronouncing the numbers and times. It is very useful to have this sheet on your smartphone, you can revisit it every time you doubt yourself!

What's your way of keeping the numbers and hours alive in your mind?

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