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Break the bubble from time to time!

منذ ٧ أعوام

Break the bubble from time to time!

big mistake when you learn another languages that you try all the time to learn by another language " English for example " so this make your brain not need to memorize in communications because :
why you need to memorize the Arabic word while your teacher is saying English and you can understand him already ? that is make a sense ,
right ? :D

and even if you travel to the country with this idea talk with help of another languages
you will search for the people who are talking English
and learn from them and get help by them !!

So no English at all? no !!
you just can use some in the start of course but you will need from time to time ...
to break the bubble :
1 - try to listen or reading without understanding that will make you try to search
find what is meaning and release the ability of your brain to absorb the languages more

2 - Listen to songs and music a lot

3 - watch movies in arabic without any Caption or translation

4 - Listen to arabic radio ( BBC ARABIC RADIO IS amazing )

5 - Try to talk with your teacher with limited times ( 5 - 10 min ) without ANY WORD ENGLISH AT ALL , and try to increase the time every time