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Telling you how to get C2 in Egyptian Arabic speaking and what is making that hard

منذ ٥ أعوام
I spoke with a lot of students their level between b2-c1 but they still can not get c2
I think is so easy but they have a problems . I am telling you problems .
1- You have to have a lot of time to study
2- you have listen a lot of films and series Egyptian
3 - listen every day and every where songs Egyptian
4- When your emotions will be influenced by Egyptian songs and you feel that you want cry when listen to sad song that mean you are near to c2 or almost c2 
5 - For sure you have to speak with native (Egyptians).
6- If you do not have chance to chat with Egyptians OK . You could sing song and record your voice . listen to series and try to repeat and record .
This is a Egyptian sad song . If you will listen and understand and influenced emotionaly that mean you C2 or almost C2