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My name is Tsuyoshi. I'm a native Japanese speaker.
I am looking for a new student. I can teach Japanese between 10AM-9PM (Japan Standard Time). If you interested in my lesson, Please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

For the past several years, I've corrected more than 360 people's sentences on another website that have come from various people studying Japanese. I also have experience with language exchange. I started to teach Japanese as a online tutor from April 2016. I have had more than 3000+ lessons with my students from a lot of countries. I've come to understand what is difficult for Japanese learners. I also understand that it is tough to study foreign language, because I've been studying English for years.

I think the most important part of learning a foreign language is having fun studying and keeping motivated. In my lesson, I will ask the learners purpose and what they want to learn in advance. I'll personalize my lesson to each learner. I want to have enjoyable lessons for as long as possible. If you are a beginner, please don't be shy! I will be happy to assist you. If there are some things you don't understand, please don't hesitate to ask. I can speak a little English, so I can teach in English if you don't understand Japanese very well.

Let's study not only language but also Japanese culture! For example, Japanese foods and sweets, music, TV drama series, manga, and more! I look forward to seeing you. Thank you for your time.

By booking a lesson, you agree to the following:

★No-Show Policy:
If you are more than 15 minutes late, then I will treat it as a no-show. No refund will be given.

★Cancellation and rescheduling policy:
Please tell me if you will cancel or reschedule the lesson within 12hours of the lesson time.
If you have emergencies or accidents, please let me know before the lesson also. We can discuss about what to do with the lesson fee after the lesson time.

◎ 今、持っている教科書 The textbook and workbook that I now have.

初級の人のための本  For beginner learners.
☆みんなの日本語 第2版 初級1,2 ”Minna-no Nihongo Second edition beginner” 1 and 2 
☆げんき第2版 1,2  Genki second edition 1 and 2
☆まるごと Marugoto (as secondary teaching materials).

初中級の人のための本 For upper beginner learners
☆中級へ行こう 日本語の文型と表現 55 第2版

中級の人のための本 For intermediate learners
☆みんなの日本語 第2版 中級1,2
☆中級の日本語 An integrated approach to INTERMEDIATE JAPANESE
☆中級を学ぼう 日本語の文型と表現 56 中級前期
☆まるごと 中級1,2 B1 level
発音 For pronunciation
☆コミュニケーションのための日本語発音レッスン  「戸田貴子 著」
    Korean version 일본어 발음
    Chinese version 让你沟通自如的日语发音课本:含MP3一张

☆Books for JLPT exam 「新完全マスターシリーズN1~N4」、「日本語総まとめシリーズ」、「TRY!日本語能力試験 文法から伸ばす日本語 N1~N4」 etc

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I have taught Japanese to people from other countries. I have had more than 3000 lessons with my students.