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Hi everyone, I´m a native Spanish speaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have had the opportunity to give hundreds of Spanish lessons to students from many countries around the world. Don´t worry about your initial level. If you still don´t feel confident with your Spanish, I can give you support in English in the first conversations if you need explanations or if you are stuck with your vocabulary in Spanish. I can provide with two types of lessons:

· Standard Conversation Lessons: $ 12
· PRO Lessons → Conversation + Interactive Board: $ 15

1. Description → Standard Lessons is the type of lessons in which you will learn how to speak in Spanish in a unstructured way. You will learn how to build conversations in Spanish using everyday topics like work, professional vocabulary, trips, news, personal experiences, opinions, and so on. In ocassions, we will use a video to talk about it during the lesson. Our work will be to connect the video with varied topics that arise spontaneously.

2. Description → PRO Lessons: I designed a programm from A1 to C2 level in Spanish aimed at beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. In this program, the number one is also communication and speaking, but it has important differences to speed up your learning:

It includes an interactive board → Program based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Levels A1 to C2.

- Main points: Conversation and communication.

What more?
- Grammar
- Writing
- Pronunciation and fluency
- Vocabulary
- Listening
- Conversation building
- Exercises

PRO Lessons dynamics:
- First part → The first part it´s the same as Standard lessons: conversation of varied and spontaneous topics: work, travel, routines, everyday topics, hobbies, news, projects, family, music, sports, friends, etc. In this part of the lesson, I will help you train how to build natural conversations in Spanish, using concrete topics from real life. You will be able to communicate in a fluent way. At the same time, you will practice your listening by talking to a native speaker. Also, it will be a very good opportunity for you to ask me questions about grammar. I will detect which are the grammatical issues that we must correct together.

- Second part → Here is the difference. We will use an interactive board: In this part of the lesson we will also train the conversation, but in this case, with more specific topics for you to expand your vocabulary. In each lesson, there is a different conversation topic along with images, audio, or video. Our job will be to use the topic of the video or podcast to explore new words and conversational constructions. Videos will be the starting point to connect it creatively with other topics. But this doesn´t end here.

- Additionally, the board contains grammar, vocabulary, and writing exercises. This way, you will perfect your Spanish while writing and doing exercises. You will put all your knowledge into practice in a comprehensive way: conversation, grammar, writing and listening. And the most important thing... you will THINK in Spanish.

- Lessons include writing, grammar, and listening exercises. Exercises are optional, but highly recommended if you want to improve your Spanish even more. My work will be to correct your exercises before the next lesson, make suggestions of naturalness, and give explanations. Thus, I will accompany you all the time in this process. PRO lessons offer a structural framework combined with creative conversation practice.

You will be able to measure your progress advancing in each level.
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