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اللغة اليابانية
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I am a certified Japanese language teacher and taught 400 lessons (including outside verbling), so you can have professional lessons. My favorite topics to chat about are J-POP/Rock. I even hang out with super famous musicians so we can talk about Japanese music if you like.

**Trial lesson is for people who are interested in my regular lessons.**

And we can focus on your personal goal from beginners to fluent speakers.I am new on verbling but have taught Japanese on other place and got a review as 'the best lesson I've ever had' from my student.

For beginners I use teaching materials and focus on the Genki textbook.But I can customize the lesson without it.
For JLPT I use a JLPT textbook. I published a book about how to get high scores on exams using only short term study and it's best seller on Amazon so I certainly know plenty of tips. Let's study efficiently together!

In addition, I know many Japanese learners have headaches for particles like the difference between 'が’ and 'は', 'に’and 'で’, 自動詞(はいる)and 他動詞(いれる). As a professional teacher, I am willing to explain and practice with you.

* *Thanks to you, I have many bookings recently. To start my each lesson on time,I'd appreciate to your understanding that my lesson is with 5 minutes break( e.g.55min lesson+last 5min break)
*The style chart of my lesson is like below.

Complete beginner:
--->Yes-->Start with the easiest letter.We can order foods in the end of the lesson. (talk about a text book for next lessons)
---->Yes,but personal purpose&goal--->Let's target to it!

Not a complete beginner:
-->For travel to JP-->Role play for variety of travel situations
-->JLPT -->N1/N2/N3-->Practicing the exam & discussion based on each level
-->JLPT -->N4/N5-->Practicing the exam & conversation based on each level
-->Can do daily conversations-->Choose a topic from a list and conversation
-->Still learning daily conversations-->Genki textbook and actual conversation based on it(I recommend the textbook but tell me if it's difficult. I can customize the lesson.
-->If you are a programmer and want to work as a programmer in Japan, I'm leaning programming(Java) now, so you teach me programming (in Japanese), then I teach you Japanese including IT words.This lesson helps you to work with Japanese programmers!
For example, I will ask you questions about the app,codes I am making now, you answer these.So you have to explain me in Japanese. So I will help and teach you these Japanese.
I've been teaching in this way for a long time(outside verbling), so I am sure you like it!
*Maybe I can tell you easy advise for job hunting too.(e.g. famous website to search for a job, job postings ,required ability etc)

****If you become my regular student,you'll be invited to my cultural events.****

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Japanese teacher
I have taught 200 lessons and got good reviews of 'the best lesson I've ever had'. So my students can have the high quality lessons.
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Published a book about how to get a high score on tests( Japanese title) and it became a best seller on amazon
amazon - tokyo, Japan
I certainly know many tips and can teach these to my students for JLPT


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