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I will greatly respect your study pace!

I am an experienced Japanese language teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching Japanese in Japan and South Korea. I have worked in various educational settings, such as Japanese language schools, vocational training schools, and foreign-owned enterprises.

Currently, I teach Japanese on Verbling while holding the position of Head Japanese Language Teacher at a Japanese language school in Seoul, South Korea. I have been providing instruction in Japanese, primarily focused on preparing students for exams and assisting them in the university application process for Japanese institutions. Additionally, I work as a Freelance Translator, translating from Korean to Japanese.

In our first lesson, please let me know your goals for learning Japanese. I will propose the best learning plan for you, and definitely improve your Japanese level and support you to advance with best suit your needs.

My other careers:
- movie subtitle translation (KO > JP)
- Japanese writing of websites (StaySimple etc)
- tests creation (NAT-TEST, JLPT mock test)
- Japanese language teaching method instruction for over 60 Japanese language teacher trainees.

My favorites: learning foreign languages, watching movies and TV series, gaming, traveling, cooking, animals


How do we proceed with each class?
Begginer to Advanced class:
While using a general textbook + a vocabulary textbook and a grammar textbook, we can role-play various situations. With lots of conversation practice, I will teach you to speak with natural Japanese expressions.

Business Japanese:
Through the textbooks 'しごとの日本語', the lessons are designed to learn words and expressions mainly used in business, how to write business email in Japanese, and manners to be aware of in business communication with Japanese companies, all through role-playing.

Survival Japanese:
Using 'NIHONGO FUN and EASY', you will study Japanese necessary for travel and conversation in a short period of time. The lessons are aimed at learning and using the basic rules of Japanese conversation, essential grammar, and commonly used words and expressions in travel and daily conversation through role-playing.

Beginner class:
Genki 1, 2/ いろどり入門・初級1・初級2/each of workbook &.

Intermediate class:
できる日本語(初中級・中級)/4技能でひろがる中級日本語カルテット(Ⅰ・Ⅱ)/上級へのとびら/ 話す・書くにつながる!日本語読解(中級・中上級)/日本語学習者のための読解厳選テーマ(初中級・中級)/ 読解スピードマスター(N3・N2)/どんなときどう使う日本語表現文型500/ どんどん使える!日本語文型トレーニング中級/ Original materials for grammar &.

Advanced class:
アルク学習者のための日本語読解ワークブック(中上級・上級)/クローズアップ日本事情/ 日本がわかる、日本語がわかる/どんなときどう使う日本語表現文型500/ Each news websites / Original materials &.

Business Japanese class:
しごとの日本語(メールの書き方編, 電話応対編)/マンガで体験!ニッポンのかいしゃ/ EASY JAPANESE/ Each news websites &.

Survival Japanese:

Suitable age of lessons:
- 14 years and over

Highly recommended for…
- People taking the JLPT, EJU, BJT (日本語能力試験/日本留学試験/ビジネス日本語試験対策)
- People who wish to study abroad in Japan(日本の大学/大学院受験サポート)
- People who want to study academic Japanese(高等教育機関で使う日本語)
- People who want to study Japanese systematically(文法/作文/会話の基礎確認)
- People who want to study business Japanese(会社員のための日本語)
- People who want to have free conversation about current affairs or social problems(時事問題や社会問題を通しての日本語会話)
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I'll check your current Japanese level from comfortable conversation, and suggest the Japanese learning method you need. If you have questions of Japanese, I'll answer it.

Feel free to apply for my trial lesson. You won’t regret taking it!
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2012 - 2019
Bachelor of Arts - BA
Musashino University - Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Faculty of Human Sciences-Major of Psychology

briefcaseخبرة العمل

J-CALP online education - South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Goyang-si
As the CEO and Japanese instructor at J-CALP online education, I primarily provide specialized Japanese language education and career guidance for students preparing for study in Japan, all through online platforms.
Freelance Translator (KO > JP)
TransPerfect, Egongegong etc - Seoul, South Korea
I'm mainly translating Web-Marketing pages or entertainment contents Korean to Japanese.
2017 - 2023
Head of Japanese language teacher
NANA Nihongo - Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
I'm teaching Japanese and social studies, and provide career guidance to students preparing to enter Japanese universities.
2016 - 2017
Japanese language teacher
Shisa Japanese Language Institute - Seoul, Korea
I have provided in-person Japanese language instruction to Korean students of all ages in free conversation classes.
2016 - 2016
Japanese language teacher
Global Language Institute - Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
I have provided in-person Japanese language instruction to Korean students of all ages in free conversation classes.
2012 - 2015
Japanese language teacher training course instructor
CEC associates - Chofu, Tokyo, Japan
I have provided Japanese language teaching method instruction for about 60 Japanese language teacher trainees.
2007 - 2015
Japanese language teacher
Foreign-owned branch offices in Japan - Tokyo, Japan
I have provided Japanese language instruction to employees representatives at foreign-owned branch offices in Japan such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Heavy Industries, FOX Entertainment, DLA Piper, NCSOFT Japan, SeAH Japan, Daewoo Electronics Japan, and Skillhouse Staffing Solutions.
2007 - 2015
Private tutor
ARK Tutar Group - Tokyo, Japan
I have provided Japanese language instruction and offering homework support for children with learning disabilities.
2012 - 2015
Japanese language teacher
International Conversation Academy - Toshima, Tokyo, Japan
I have provided Japanese language instruction to over 500 foreigners at various levels, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, JLPT preparation classes, and EJU preparation classes.
2009 - 2010
Japanese language teacher
Shalom Human Resources Development Institure - Saitama-City, Saitama, Japan
I have provided Japanese language instruction for Konyang University students
2020 - 0
Online Japanese language teacher
I am providing Japanese lessons for learners with various levels through online.


Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
Japan Educational Exchanges and Services
Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
Completed the studies for the 420 hours Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course conducted
The World Japanese Language Center
2018 - 2020
Band6/the highest grade on TOPIK
President of National Institute for International Education
I achieved the highest grade/band 6 on Korean Language Proficiency Test
2007 - 0
Completed the Japanese Language Education Course for the latter period
Waseda University