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[I only teach over 18 years old]

My name is Heeon Kim. I'm a native speaker of Korean. I'm from Seoul, South Korea. I did my master degree of Korean studies in Ewha University and I got a Certificate in Korean Language Teaching for foreigners.

I am a person who has a lot of patience with students who study Korean diligently and sincerely. I can explain over and over until you completely understand the grammar. I also give you enough practice during the class so that you can completely understand what you learn. Learning speed is not a matter at all. Some learn fast and some learn slowly. There is no set speed when learning a language. If you are ready to invest your time not only in class time, but also in studying Korean yourself, I will do my best so that you can reach your desired goal.

[Languages I can]
I can speak English, Japanese and Chinese. I'm currently learning Norwegian. So I know how to make and improve the learning process of languages much easier. Based on my experiences I build classes to be fun, simple and effective. 

[Teaching Experience]
I have been teaching Korean for over 10 years. I have taught Korean to foreigners in Gangnam, Seoul for 7 years. I specialize in beginner to advanced level, business Korean and TOPIK which is Test of Proficiency in Korean. I have many experiences with all different types of Korean learners and levels, so any goals you have or want to reach, I can help you in effective ways.

[How I teach]
I'm teaching Korean in English, Japanese, Chinese and Norwegian for the starter and Level 1 of beginner. For Level 2 of beginner and intermediate level, I mainly speak in Korean during a class so that you practice more speaking. I can structure classes depend on your goal or your learning style. For example, if you would like to practice speaking, we can do more conversation-based on grammar or any topics you are interested in and want to discuss. If you would like to work on grammar, we can practice grammar parts with sentences.

I couldn't say if you only take a class with me, you can speak Korean fluently very soon. But I can say if you take a class with me, I can help you improve your level of Korean, gain confidence when speaking it and not lose your interest in learning Korean.

Any questions you have about Korean class, please feel free to contact me.

[Lesson Plan]
Step1 : Korean Alphabet (based on understanding the principle of Hangul)
Step2 : Basic structure to make a sentence
Step3 : Making sentences using verbs and adjectives
Step4 : Practice speaking on communication
Step5 : Discuss topics that students are interested in
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2005 - 2005
MA Korean Studies
Ewha University - Seoul, South Korea
Master's degree in studying Korean Studies

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Korean Teacher (part time)
Oslo Korean School - Oslo, Norway
2016 - 2021
Korean Teacher
Embassy of Korea - Doha, Qatar
2013 - 2015
Korean Teacher
Samsung Company - Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Teach business Korean
2010 - 2015
Korean Teacher
Korean Academy - Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Teach from beginner to advanced level in a variety of skill areas, speaking, reading, writing, listening and grammar


2016 - 2016
Certificate of Korean Language Teacher to foreigner
Issued by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea

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