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TY Tang

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لغة الماندرين
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Do you want to study Chinese via your favorite Chinese TV series!! Contact me!! Any shows are welcome! We are going to learn the scripts, play the role, write about the scene, and dig deeper of the Chinese culture behind it!

[Currently, I am not accepting total beginners. Welcome those who enjoy studying by themselves and I will prepare a learning structure in class to dive deeper. Thanks for your understanding]

Current Course:
1. Tailored course to learn a TV series
2. Reading&Writing course with autentic materials
3. Picture book discussion

My way of teaching: Project-based language learning
- Reading: the goal is to comprehend the article by answering guiding questions and summarizing the text
- Writing: the goal is to summarize the text by composing the answers to the guiding questions and practicing key structure
- Speaking: the goal is to express your ideas in the context of the given materials in a Socratic seminar
- Listening: I will try to only speak Mandarin throughout the class. Don't be scared that you can't understand everything. The time will come!

I am TY (Tea Why)! As a middle school Chinese teacher, I have adapted many interactive games to enhance Pinyin, vocabs, and word order learning. I am one of the contributors to Duolingo's Mandarin courses and have been tutoring adult Chinese for more than 500 hours covering varieties of topics. The quarantine online teaching experience adds to my confidence of applying edtech tools to facilitation the conversation. I majored in Education Technologies and am a big fan of using tools to support language learning.

I care about who you are and what you want to bring into our session. I firmly believe in students being my teacher as well. My very first students introduced me to a series of videos about technology in China, and from there I am exploring podcasts and authentic reading materials with them, which totally changes my life! Can't wait to share these with you.

I am not sure where I would be when we meet but I feel calm to stay at different places to recognize the diversity of the world. I have lived in China, Russia, Germany, and Ghana, and more exotic places to travel to.

I enjoy exploring this world not only limited to traveling itself, but via books, podcasts, and conversations with people. Communication with others helps me verbalize my thoughts and listen to other opinions, which contribute to my pursuit of personal happiness. Talk philosophy, science, human rights, and more with me! I can always make people laugh (hope it is not because of my weird sense of humor) regardless of the language and culture barrier.

Attendence Policy:
I will be waiting in the classroom for 15 minutes and the lesson is not refundable. Feel free to reschedule 24 hours in advance. Appreciate your understanding.

*Each conversational lesson is 55 minutes.
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2016 - 2018
MS.Ed Education Technologies
University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Project-based Learning (PBL) Design Thinking, Guided-play Learning, Evidence-based assessment, Game Design
2012 - 2016
B.A English
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics - Shanghai, China
Business English, economics, finance, accounting

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Chinese Tutor for Adults
Intermediate to advanced level tutoing with Podcasts and videos for 300+ hours. I provide or suggest materials to listen to in advance, and explain new vocabulary as well as discussion questions during the class.
2019 - 2020
Middle School Project + Chinese Teacher
Served as the founding teacher for 7th grade four progressive projects that cover architecture, engineering, music, physics, language construction, etc. Designed and delivered 5 Chinese sessions per week with a diverse differentiation
2018 - 2019
Middle School Chinese Immersion Teacher
Taught sixteen 48 minutes Chinese classes per week for 7th and 8th grade