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Hello Everyone! :) I am currently teaching conversational classes only. I am from Los Angeles, California. I have a Bachelors degree in Classical Philosophy from California State University and an English teaching certification from Oxford Seminars in New York City. I am currently learning Spanish through Verbling, so I can directly relate to the difficulties and joys of being an adult language learner.

I've taught English in the classroom in Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia and the US. I use my ⚡charisma, ⚡enthusiasm and ⚡organizational skills to create an interesting and unique experience for each student.

My general approach is very organic, relaxed and conversation based. However, a strong foundation in grammar is extremely important! I believe in studying grammar. I also feel that to become really fluent in English, you need to engage in dynamic and profound conversations about things that inspire and interest you. Let's read a book together or study a unique idea or concept! Let's study art Psychology, Politics, History, Art, Sociology, Business Management, Self Help, Philosophy, Technology and Science! I am passionate about communication and the exchange of interesting ideas, and this is why I feel that I am a talented teacher. I am comfortable talking about any topic and I have an opinion about everything. I would love to know what you think and feel about everything too!

I can also help you with Business English and test preparation. I would be honored to gently guide you in your English studies with a smile and genuine dedication to the quality of your learning experience. The learning process should be fun and effective! My lessons and methods are modified in order to suit the needs of each student.

My general interests include yoga, meditation, hiking, surfing, reading, snowboarding, tennis, creative writing and traveling!
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My method is organic, with just enough formula and methodology to keep it effective. Let's get to know each other! Tell me about your learning goals and interests and lets engage in some casual conversation. Then, I can give you an assessment of your level and a possible learning path. Never be afraid to ask questions!
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2005 - 2009
Bachelor's in Classical Philosophy
California State University, East Bay - Hayward, California
I focused on Ethics, Rhetoric, Greek Philosophy, Political Philosophy and Metaphysics.

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2018 - 2019
Online Teacher
VIPKID - Beijing- online
Online classes with children ages 3-12
2019 - 0
Online Teacher - Online
Online classes with children and adults of all ages. I create all lesson plans and curricula.


2010 - 2010
TESOL Certification
Oxford Seminars - New York, New York
60- hour course in teaching English as a second language.