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اللغة التركية
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Turkish learning like never experienced before!
No details left unexplained!
Grammar in its complete sense!
Unlimited concept-based everyday conversations!

This is a certified Turkish language and culture teacher for both adults and children, with various experiences since 2011 in individual, classroom, and online courses in Turkey and abroad.

I have been working for numerous language and formal schools as well as embassies and cultural centers in Turkey, Italy, Japan, the US, and the UK including Berlitz, Innovative Language Learning, Verbling, Concept Languages, and Directors Languages, instructing in English, Italian, and Japanese.

I prefer proceeding with a constructive and conversational methodology for proper comprehension and confident learning of the Turkish language in the smoothest structure possible. That way, learners will have the freedom to make their own sentences once they are comfortable with the fundamental grammar and logic of the language, as well as the relevant vocabulary. I also enjoy making comparisons between world languages, clarifying to learners the origins of words, similarities in grammar, and contrasts in concepts.

I spend great attention to the needs, motivation, and interests of learners so that I can pave the best order of topics, and choose the necessary glossary in a sufficient amount. I guide them to clear their previous confusion about Turkish with simple and logical explanations. I also help them to realize that they are making stable progress and that the things they learn are essential and part of the everyday, living language.

I accumulated quite a rich resource of materials both written and audio-visual, including the prominent textbooks in the market, and a collection of various hardcopy and online varieties. Role-play dramatizations of real-life situations comprise an important part of classes. After each lesson, I provide learners with various supportive documents and exercises, as well as audio and visual practices if possible. When necessary, I can produce new material according to the exact needs and interests of my students. I also recommend some external sources to familiarize themselves with the language in their free time like popular songs and TV shows according to their personal tendencies. Overall, I am trying my best for their experience of learning Turkish to be efficient and fun, including related cultural explanations.


*Innovative Language Learning
Tokyo, Japan / 2013

*Berlitz Language School
Rome, Italy / 2014 & Ankara, Turkey / 2019

*Concept Languages
Istanbul, Turkey / 2015 -

*Tarabya British School
İstanbul, Turkey / 2016

*London Language School
Rome, Italy / 2017

*Directors Languages
Maidenhead, UK / 2017

San Francisco, USA / 2017 -

*Turkish-Japanese Foundation
Ankara, Turkey / 2019

*Various Embassies
Ankara, Turkey / 2019


*Turkish for beginners
Although you are not sure how to say hello in Turkish, my methodology will get you to learn all the fundamentals of the Turkish language within 20 seances maximum.

*Conversational Turkish
^Have you already learned the basics but want to put them into practice in order to fasten your speech, correct your pronunciation, or use your abilities in diverse circumstances?
^Are you rather interested in touristic Turkish to provide efficient communication during your visits to Turkey?
You are welcome!
^Otherwise, you may have good knowledge of Turkish already, and look for some occasion in action depending on your interests? We can talk about anything you might like. Some of the popular themes I encountered so far are:
-Turkish dramas & romance
-Ottoman history
-Turkish cuisine
-Shopping at Grand Bazaar
-A medical visit to a hospital in Istanbul
-Turkish classical music & poetry
-Touristic destinations & communication in Turkey
-Politics and Turkey's stand for international affairs
-Sufism philosophy and Christianity in Turkey
-Social and gender prospects
-Or any other needs/interests of yours!

*Intensive Turkish
It is fine if you want to follow up on a frequent program, or want to have an advanced level of context.

*Turkish as a Subject
^Do you have a curriculum for Turkish at an international school or university?
^Are you a foreign student in Turkey?
I am experienced in both.

*Business Turkish
I have taught CEOs from diverse international companies in Istanbul.

*Turkish for Children
More colorful lessons with children's music and images!
I am quite comfortable with children being an elder sister to both boys and girls.

*Turkish Literature
^Are you a fan of modern authors like Orhan Pamuk and Elif Şafak?
^Are you interested in classical writers and poets like Mehmet Akif, Ömer Seyfettin, Nazım Hikmet?
^Do you want to understand the humanism of Mevlana and Yunus Emre?
^Are you curious about ancient Turkic myths from Central Asia and Dede Korkut?
Me, too!

*Turkish for Professionals
From business to literature, whatever your focus is.
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