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I'm Chris, I’m from London, England, and I love teaching English! I'm a BRITISH ENGLISH teacher who has been teaching since 2012. I'm also the founder of a growing English school in Brazil, which has successfully trained many Brazilian business professionals to become more competent and confident with their English to make sure they're prepared to face English in real life situations.

As an experienced English teacher in many areas, such as pronunciation training, grammar acceleration, Business English and the communicative approach, I'm very passionate about using this to make your English learning experience unique and unlocking your potential to reach fluency as quickly as possible with approaches that really work. I can tell you with confidence that establishing and focussing on what you need, along with my commitment and your commitment to your learning goals, will put you on the right path to fluency.

After years of experience, listening to students' feedback and coordinating teachers to follow the methodology I have created, I believe that there are 5 principles that make you learn languages fast and effectively:

1. CUSTOMISATION - Learn what you want to learn and get personalised feedback from a professional during and at the end of the class, with a record of your feedback to keep after each session.

2. MAKING MISTAKES WITH DELAYED ERROR CORRECTION - Build up your confidence and fluency and find out what wasn’t correct later.

3. MAXIMISING SPEAKING TIME - Maximise your precious class time by speaking as much as possible and get to fluency more quickly. It's likely that you don't get regular opportunities to train this skill of speaking, so I want to make sure you develop this area through practice.

4. MOTIVATION - By incorporating variation and customisation, we can maintain your excitement for learning and avoid those moments when you feel bored of learning. The journey to fluency may take you anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, so this is a critical element.

5. SETTING CLEAR GOALS - Knowing what you want to achieve before you start will make your progress much faster. Also, knowing you've made a lot of small achievements on your path to fluency will help keep you motivated and help you know where you are on your journey to fluency.

I’d love to meet you in a class if you are considering starting a course of lessons with me, and I’d be very happy to help you on your journey into the world English, especially if you are feeling a little lost on your English journey or if you are restarting.
Although I've focussed 90% of my time specialising in teaching Brazilians over the last 3 years, in my career as a teacher I've had some wonderful first classes and met so many great people from different places teaching online, and I’d be delighted if you were one of them.

Before booking though, please just look at the points below so that we can be clear on the deal from the start:

Before your first session starts please consider the following:
- Using a microphone with earphones or a headset will give much better sound quality to your lesson. Using computer speakers will probably result in echoing.
- Google Chrome seems to be the best browser for Verbling Video.

Regarding the trial lesson, please only book this if you are seriously considering taking 10 classes or more with me in order to look at making a serious learning plan for you. Of course, if you decide that I am not the right teacher after the conversation and you wish to find another teacher then that is perfectly fine.

- A 20-30 minutes introduction call.
- An opportunity for you to see if you like me as a teacher.
- An opportunity for you to ask me any questions.
- A way for us to create a plan for your learning goals.
- A way to test your internet connection

- A cheap way for you to get your CV or written work corrected.
- A lesson which is focussed on the areas in which you need to improve.
- A cheap way to get a 30-minute conversation class with the active intention of not continuing.

*I exercise the right to accept or refuse to give lessons to certain individuals.
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Founder, Teacher and Coordinator of Teachers
Frontseat - São Paulo, Brazil
Training Brazilian students to reach fluency in English as well as training teachers to train students to do the same
2015 - 2017
Teaching Online English
Online Platforms
2014 - 2015
English Teacher
ILA - Lisbon, Portugal
Teaching General English and Business English to groups and individuals
2013 - 2014
English Teacher
Twinz Idiomas - São Paulo
Teaching Business English to individuals


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How to Teach IELTS Course
Cambridge English - Cambridge
2015 - 2015
Cambridge - London
2009 - 2011
University of East London - London