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Hello, my name is Daniel I am from Venezuela but I'm living in Bogota, Colombia, my native language is Spanish but I also speak English. I know that learning a language can sometimes be tedious and more when there are other things that have a higher priority in your life like the job and business but it could also be fun. My goal is to use a teaching method that makes you enjoy learning Spanish, and feel how easy it is. I like to prepare my lessons with many entertaining activities to focus on your needs. I constantly evaluate my students to see what they need to improve more. We can make a study plan together with specific goals that you want to achieve. My advice is ¡have fun learning Spanish! I have two years of working as a Spanish Teacher

My classes are very dynamic, with the purpose of developing important skills in learning a new language such as grammar, writing, reading comprehension, speaking, and pronunciation to achieve natural communication in Spanish. In my classes you can feel confident in being able to communicate; I will provide you with all the necessary tools so that your Spanish level is quickly overcome and you can develop in any situation of daily life.

I am an open-minded, flexible, and very positive person. If you come up with something interesting to talk about, please, don't hesitate to tell me and I will be happy to discuss with you that topic.

If you wonder how I organize the lessons, please read below.

1. Beginners
- You will learn the basic alphabet and how to write and pronounce it clearly.
- You will learn basic verbs (conjugations) and nouns.
- You will learn how to make basic sentences from them.

2. Intermediate
- I will help you with building up new vocabulary and expressions.
- I will help you with practicing the tenses with dynamic activities
- In the meantime, you will learn about different tones and connotations.

3. Advanced
- You can choose a topic, and we can discuss it together or we can just have random conversations.
- During the discussion, I will correct your pronunciations and teach you better expressions to express your opinions.
- Depends on the way you would like to have the lessons; I will share with you interesting material that I have always prepared for the lessons.

First of all, you could start with a trial lesson and see how my lessons are. Don't hesitate to contact me. I will be waiting for you.! :D
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Let's take this lesson to know each other a little bit, in this way I will be able to know your level in the language, you can share your goals with me during the learning process, also at the end of the lesson I always give feedback about your Spanish and explain a plan for you according to your level.
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2009 - 2014
Petroleum Engineer
University of Zulia - Zulia, Venezuela
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