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Larry Rosenwinkel

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Hi, I'm Larry. I have Bachelor's Degree in English, a Master's in Human Services and Coaching and I am also TEFL certified.

I am an author having published a collection of personal travel stories, "How I Became A Goat-Sitter In Ireland" and "The 8 Wonders of the Larry"

I live in California in the United States, but I am originally from the Chicago, Illinois area. I am an entrepreneur so Verbling supplies the perfect format for my lifestyle, and I am able to help with business writing as well.

Whatever your need or purpose for learning English, I am here to encourage you and share my knowledge in the best way possible. I always hope to make the learning experience engaging with some fun, too!

I have traveled the world and enjoy learning about cultures other than my own and experiencing what it's like to not know a language and how to communicate in a foreign country. I even self-published a collection of travel stories!

So whether it's speaking or writing English, I will do my best to help you achieve your goal!

Oh, and I have also self-published two books of quotes:

Here are some reviews from recent students of mine:

Compliment: It is so nice to meet you . I like your class , and hope I can meet you again ~ from Steve L on 5/10/17

Compliment: It was the happiest lesson in this year ~ such funny !I appreciate it ~ from Eleven T on 5/10/17

Compliment: Dear Teacher, I like this lesson and learnt a lot in your class. Thanks for your teaching and have a nice day! B.R. Gracele ~ from Grace L on 5/10/17
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2004 - 2005
Master's Degree in Human Services with emphasis in coaching
Capella University - Minneapolis, MN
Focus in human (social) services and coaching
1979 - 1982
Bachelors Degree in English
Elmhurst College - Elmhurst, IL
Focus in both language and literature

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2017 - 0
English Language Consultant
Tutor ABC - Taipei, Tawian
English as a second language instruction


2016 - 2016
TEFL 160 Hour Master Certificate
Teflfullcircle - UK
English as a second language instruction