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Hae J. Kim

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Native Korean! In America, I have been teaching Korean for all levels of confidency and ages since 2009 for over 14 years teaching over 4000 Korean lessons including lessons taught at Verbling. I am currently living in America. Most of my students have become long-term clients learning Korean from me 2~10 years. : Business men, diplomats, students who need private tutoring who are taking or finished a Korean language course at college/university, have plans to study abroad in Korea, and are preparing for the TOPIK, which is the Test of Proficiency in Korean. As a NATIVE KOREAN TEACHER, I have also worked as a " Korean Language Linguist " and " Korean Language Consultant" for American Language Learning Software and Courses Company in charge of Proof Reading for Korean e-Workbook. I was born, raised in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea . I received a B.S. degree in Pharmacy in Seoul, Korea. You can level up your Korean through clear, full understanding communication with experienced NATIVE KOREAN TEACHER. : No matter why you need to learn Korean, understanding everything clearly ( not by guess) is so important from the beginning. Before I moved to America I had operated and managed my own International Business Seminar Company for 5 years in Korea about “How to Successfully Conduct Business in Korea”," Investment in Korea" and " Korean Labor Laws & Regulations", to CEOs of Foreign National Companies, Foreign Investors, Embassies, Financial Institutions and Banks , just name of few, facing different business, social, cultural and political organizations. So, I can also introduce Korean culture and the business environment in Korea.

You will learn practical conversational Korean by practicing real life communication and by speaking more than 90 % only Korean, Korean grammar and pronunciation rules etc. You will find yourself utilizing the expressions you learned in Korean naturally, instinctively through instant role playing .

All the teaching materials for each class will be tailor-made depending on the student's learning objectives and Korean language level.

Your class will be much more exciting in a live virtual classroom setting where I can share teaching materials with you.

Let me hear from you soon so we can start an exciting dialog together!
Hae J. Kim
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2012 - 2016
Reviewer/QA tester (Korean Linguist)
Mindlink Resources, USA
QA Reviewer for Audio/Video Synchronization (Flash Video Synchronization, Subtitle Editor), Mobile Application Tester
2013 - 2016
Korean Language Consultant
American Language Learning Software and Courses Company,USA
Proof Reading for Korean e-Workbook
2011 - 2013
HR Manager for ESL teachers
Korean Online English Platform, Korea
Hiring Online ESL Instructors, Giving Orientation for LMS, Online Tutoring, Scheduling, Coordinating between Instructors, Customers and Company Management
2009 - 2013
Korean Language Instructor
Berlitz ( Worldwide Offline Language Institute), USA
Korean Language Instructor
1999 - 2004
Owner and Operator, (International Seminar Organizing Company)
Moriah, Korea
Offered Seminars to CEO’s of Foreign National Companies, Foreign Investors, Embassies, and Financial Institutes about “How to Successfully Do Business in Korea”, “Investment in Korea”, “Korean Labor Laws & Regulations” and facing different business, social, cultural and political organizations.
2015 - 0
Korean Language Tutor - San Francisco ,USA
Korean Language Tutor
2013 - 0
Online Korean Language Instructor
Online Language Learning Company ,UK
Online Korean Language Instructor