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Hello guys !!😀 Let me start by sharing some general information about myself ...I am Lefkey-Whitney and I am a native speaker of English and Greek. I was born in Boston, USA, but you will find me settled in beautiful Greece now. I have been teaching for the past 10 years, both adults and kids in tutoring classes or one to one. I am of the belief that people should enjoy what they are doing in order to learn it, so I try to add as much interaction as possible, on topics which interest my students. I believe I have succeeded as a tutor when I see my students enjoy what they are doing and send me messages or call me in order to inform me that they understood a movie without reading subtitles or taking part in an English conversation with others and not facing a problem. That's all for now, you can pm me for more questions or book a trial. See you in class !! 😀😀😀

😀 About me 😀
🎤 American accent 🎤
🙃 FRIENDLY approach 🙃
👩‍💻 Experienced both in CLASS and ONLINE 👩‍💻
🎮 ENGAGING classes 🎮
📑 CUSTOMIZED lesson plans 📑
🥇 Exam coach (FCE, ECCE, CPE, ECPE) 🥇
🏭 BUSINESS English expert 🏭
🚨 IELTS instructor 🚨
📢 Conversation EXPERT 📢
📈 Help increase GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY 📈

🔊 Speaking Courses 🔊
👉 learn everyday vocabulary + collocations
👉 get taught common grammar phenomena used by natives
👉 become familiar with understanding different English accents
👉 different topics on each lesson

📋 Exam-oriented Courses 📋
👉 go through exam vocabulary + phrasal verbs
👉 learn advanced grammar phenomena
👉 listening practice
👉 writing practice

🎓Teaching style 🎓
✔️ Homework on each lesson's topic
✔️ Different topics per lesson (environment, news, technology, etc)
✔️ Tailor-made lessons depending on each student's needs
✔️ Friendly approach
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2015 - 2016
Teaching kids with special needs
Kapodistrian University of Athens - Greece
Got certificated as a special education teacher in order to individualize lesson plans to meet the needs of those with varying disabilities.
2009 - 2013
B.A English literature
University of Greenwich - UK
Teaching English Literature
2011 - 2012
TESOL Certification
Online - Greece
After getting certified I started offering lessons to students of all ages mainly for test preparation and communication practice.
2008 - 2012
B.A Computer Science
University of Piraeus - Greece
Even though I didn't follow this career, I have found it useful since I am able to incorporate technology in my classroom

briefcaseخبرة العمل

IELTS / TOEFL preparation
Tutoring adults in order to prepare them for the IELTS (band 6+) and TOEFL (score 100+) examinations. Focusing on language acquisition in general and going through the different techniques required for each test.
Tutoring toddlers
Creating activities in order for a bilingual three-year-old to acquire the English language through play.
2015 - 2016
Speakage - 'voice-over'
Script reading for audio used in real-estate advertisements (played on Youtube, the English market) and collaborating with voice actors for the recordings of the listening parts for ECPE, ECCE tests found on online platforms.
2015 - 2016
TUTIV platform
Proofreading tests written for ECPE, ECCE, CAE ,MET test books, found on 'TUTIV'.
2012 - 2016
English Instructor
'COOL' School of English - Greece
Responsible for classes of all levels, starting from Pre-Junior (ages 4-5) up to C2 (ages 15+). Taught adults classes aiming to advance their speaking skills (interview preparation, everyday English, business English)