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Mustafa Ödkem

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Merhaba! I see you are ready for a journey. Great! I'm here to make this adventure even more fun. I'm Mustafa, a native Turkish speaker, and Professional Turkish Language Teacher for over 10 years. I teach Turkish to expats, embassy members, students, tourists, and kids. I provide learning materials from various sources.

I enjoy knowing more people from different cultures and exchange information. I also like to learn and develop myself in different fields. I have been a musician, a teacher, a businessman, and even a father/dad blogger (of a daughter and four cats)!

Teaching Approach:
+ I prefer to use Flipped Classroom, which I provide the learning material even before the course. So that my students can study at their pace, get familiar with the content already. They feel confident and ready in the lesson.
+ I also go through the content, rules, pronunciation... So they learn from a real person, not just a tape or book page.
+ This way we have more time to practice one on one and my students can be more active during the lesson.
+ If my students don't feel confident or comfortable with the method above, I simply change my teaching style depending on my student's needs.
+ I prefer using Turkish in my lesson, but if my student does not understand, I can explain it in English to use our time efficiently.
+ Langauge is a skill. So I prefer my students to be active and using their language.
+ Listening and Speaking are the important skills to be improved while the teacher is around. Reading and writing can be done when the student is alone. So, I encourage my students to speak in Turkish with my easy-to-answer questions.

As I mentioned, I'm the father of a 2-year-old daughter who can communicate in Turkish, Chinese and English. I also like to learn different language including programming languages like Java.

I worked as Turkish Language Teacher, IB Coordinator, Academic Coordinator, and School Principal. I taught Turkish to both Turks and foreigners for years.

Lessons with me would be easy-going. You won't feel like information bombing, instead, you will feel more like chatting with a friend.

Are you still reading? It means you are really into this! Just book a lesson with me and let's take the first and most important step together!
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2005 - 2009
Turkish Language Teaching
Baskent University - Ankara
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