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Teacher's Degree Certificate 🏅 Personalized lessons at all levels ⚡ 7 years of experience.

- I can help you see the world in Spanish 🌎 -

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Hi! My name is Regina and I want to help you learn Spanish online! 🙇‍♀‍ I have been a Spanish tutor for over 5 years, helping English speakers from all ages in the US, Canada and Britain, learn in a fun and meaningful way.

I studied in Canada where I taught Canadian English speakers, my mother is American so I know American English and I also studied in France where I taught British English speakers, so I know the English language very well.

I have a degree in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development ♻ in Mexico City with a specialization in Environment and Society. I love nature, culture, travel, movies, cooking, etc. I have great experience as a spanish tutor with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as spanish for business and travel. So, whether you want to learn spanish for travel, work, or fun, I'm ready to have a meaningful lesson with you.

I'm all about making you feel comfortable, confident and motivated. 💪

As a spanish teacher, I'm aware of all the benefits a new language can have on your brain 🧠, that's why I use tons of games, history of language, interesting facts and fun exercises, so that you become truly engaged and fully exercise your mind. As a tutor, I need feedback too, so being honest and helping me getting to know you better will help make our spanish lessons as amazing as possible.

- Accent reduction
- Listening comprehension
- Speech and spontaneity
- Culture and travel
- Grammar and vocabulary
- Writing

I am very excited to get to know you! Don't hesitate to book a free trial lesson! ⚡

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Regina, je suis professeur d'espagnol depuis quelques années et j'aimerais bien vous aider à parler l'espagnol couramment. Le français est une de mes langues préférées et j'apprends depuis très longtemps. Ce serait un vrai plaisir de vous aider apprendre ou pratiquer votre espagnol, j'essaie de faire chaque lesson unique et intéressant pour vous, en utilisant les sujets spécifiques qui vous intéressent avec du material variée et dynamique.

Je crois qu'apprendre l'espagnol, ainsi que n'importe quelle langue nouvelle, c'est comme faire exercice pour avoir le muscle au corps, il ne faut qu'être perseverant et discipliné, mais sour tout, le fair avec plaisir. Ma proposition pour vous c'est de vous offrir un moment agréable, en parlant de la vie, la culture, le cinéma, ou l'art... en déchiffrant des secrets du langage et en partageant des expériences de vie, pendant qu'on apprendre l'espagnol.

Vous pouvez essayer un leçon d' espagnol gratuitement, je serais ravis de vous rencontrer.

- Professeur d'espagnol
- cours d'espagnol en ligne
- apprendre espagnol en ligne
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2014 - 2018
Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
Anahuac University - Mexico City
Focus in Environment and Society
2013 - 2014
Lyon Bleu International - Lyon, France

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2018 - 2019
Account Manager
Tree Haus Sustainability - Mexico City
2016 - 2017
Assistant to General Director
DGGIMAR at Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources - Mexico City
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Private spanish tutor
Mexico City
Private tutor for english speakers
2016 - 0
Private english tutor
Mexico City
Private tutor for children, adults and companies
2019 - 0
Senior Sustainability Consultant
TreeHaus Sustainability - Mexico City


2017 - 2017
Sustainable tourism
Universidad de Medio Ambiente - Valle de Bravo, Mexico