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YUKIKO Abe-Guerreiro

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Hi there! My name is Yukiko. I am a native Japanese speaker and live in the United States.
I studied the effective method of teaching Japanese language to non-native speakers and got certified.
I offer tailored lessons for each student since each student's needs and level is different.
I make customized learning materials according to each student's learning stage, but you're welcome to bring a material you wish to use, especially if you have a JLPT goal.👌
If you would like to focus mainly on conversation, let's talk! The key to improve your speaking is to voice out and repeat👄(^^♪ No hesitation! 🤔
Even if you don't have enough vocab yet, try to use whatever words you have learned so far in your sentence. DON'T BE SHY! Also, in Japanese, pitch accent is very important.
For Pre-beginner&Beginner students, I don't just push them to memorizing Hiragana/Katakana characters, however, this part is the first fundamental of learning Japanese language. Students are encouraged to learn these two characters especially Hiragana as soon as they start learning Japanese.
I try to make each lesson active and fun.😊 Please feel free to contact me for TRIAL lesson or for any question!
Japanese is a very unique language and maybe tough to understand as you go on, but don't be overwhelmed!😲 Enjoy!

I have Minna no Nihongo text books for Beginners and some other textbooks for intermediate learners if you like to study on textbooks.

I have an experience living abroad for 4 years when I was young because of my father's job transfer and used to do solo trips a lot. I love to watch movies, documentaries etc.

[ Cancellation and/or Rescheduling ]
Please send a cancellation notice by 12 hours prior to the scheduled time. Thanks🤩

[ ❗ Please Note ❗ ]
1. I do not accept group lesson request(two and more people at each one session).
2. To parent(s) who would like to book lessons for his/her/their child(ren). - Currently, I am not accepting beginner students under 17(College/Uni age). As a trial of up to 5 sessions, I can tutor younger students (age between 12-16) who are self-driven learners and can concentrate on the session. Therefore, for the first 30 minute trial lesson, Please be present at the beginning so we can talk ; then if you choose to, please book another 1-hour session at a time as continued trial. After the trial, I may have to discontinue further lessons if I find it difficult to continue.
Thank you.

* Verbling regulation: Students must send a rescheduling/cancellation notice before 12 hours or more prior to the next lesson you have booked as stated in the Verbling regulation. To "Reschedule" your lesson, please do so with at least 12 hours advance notice. If the class is scheduled to start in less than 12 hours, you will not be able to "Reschedule", but you will be able to "Cancel" the class and receive a 50% refund.
* No-show: Your lesson will be cancelled and there will be no refund if you do not show after 10 minutes of the lesson start time.
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1990 - 1994
B.A. Social Science
T E Women's University - Kanagawa


2017 - 2018
420 hour Advanced Skills of Japanese Teaching Course
World Japanese Language Centre - Sydney, NSW., Australia
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After 20 years...
みなさん、こんにちは。ゆきこです。 Hi everyone, I have been getting students besides Verbling lately, and am enjoying...
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