''Nonsense'' words you will hear when living in Madrid. PART I.

As expats we all leave our homes thinking we speak our foster country's language fluently. That's the main reason to go for broke, isn't it?

I was lucky to make a bunch of new friends who decided to choose Madrid as their new home sweet home. American, French, Colombian, Chinese etc. All of them came to my beloved city to have a new life, to live an experience. But what is the meaning of that mazo word? Or sudo? Or estar/ir pedo? Why do these crazy madrileños have such a weird repertoire?

Well, I don't really know why, but I sure know what we mean with these ''nonsense'' words.

Mazo: We are not saying hammer, that's a fact. We just mean ''mucho''!
Sudo de (+verb/person): I swear we are not sweaty people. We just don't ''give a heck about'' doing something or about that annoying someone.
Estar or ir pedo: Not gassy but ''to be drunk''.
Que te cagas: Just slang for ''really/very''.
Marrón: You might think brown but based on context it can refer to ''having a problem'' or ''being in trouble''.
Flipar, flipando and flipado: All the same, right? Nope. First two mean "flipping out". Third one means someone who is ''a show off''.
Borde: Someone who is being ''a jerk''.
Cojonudo: This one doesn't mean ballsy. It means ''great''. (Not suitable for use around kids).
Chungo: ''Difficult''.
Currar/curro: Could be a nickname for someone named Francisco but also refer to ''work/a job".
Me meo: Either ''I need to pee'' or ''hilarious''.
Ser la hostia: Just ''to be the shit''
Ponerse fino: Fino means thin but oddly enough this expression means the opposite ''to eat a lot'' (or ''to be promiscuous'').
Tío, tía: "Dude" (don't forget your Spanish classes at school: -o for boys, -a for girls!).
Acojonar: ''To scare the crap out of". (Not suitable for use around kids).
Ir echando leches: Literally means to leak milk, but it is always used as ''to be in a hurry''.

I know there are mazo of them but I voy echando leches!

To be continued.

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