Some phrases in Spanish for traveling to Mexico

Most of the foreigners who travel to Mexico they don’t know speak Spanish. There is not a problem when they go to the most touristic places, but sometimes you want to order your tacos in Spanish, to express thanks to waitress or someone else. There are just a few useful vocabulary and phrases that you could say the next time when you travel.


  • Hi - hola
  • Good morning - buenos días
  • Good afternoon - buenas tardes
  • Good night - buenas noches


  • I want a glass of milk, please - quiero un vaso de leche, por favor
  • I want a beer, please - quiero una cerveza, por favor
  • Dark beer - cerveza oscura
  • Light beer - cerveza clara
  • I want a margarita, please - quiero una margarita, por favor
  • I want a soda, please - quiero un refresco, por favor


  • I want 2 tacos, please - quiero 2 tacos, por favor
  • I want a quesadilla, please - quiero una quesadilla, por favor
  • I want a Mexican bagel - quiero una torta, por favor
IMPORTANT: When you buy tacos the man is going to ask you if you want your tacos with everything, it means coriander, onion and salsa (spicy). If you don’t want spicy you should say: without spicy, please - sin picante, por favor. Pay attention when the word “hot”, in Spanish if you want to say that something is spicy you should use “picante”.

When you go to a restaurant and you want to ask the bill you should say:
The bill, please -la cuenta por favor.

How much is it__? - ¿cuánto cuesta __?

Where is it___? - ¿dónde está __?


Before you take a taxi it’s much better to ask if they can take you to the place that you want to go and also the price.
  • Could you take me to___? - ¿Me podría llevar a ____?
  • How much will that cost? - ¿Cuánto será?

These are some phrases that could help you when you travel to a country where people speak Spanish. In Mexico a lot of people is friendly and we try to say please and thanks.

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