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My first sentence in Spanish!

hace 4 años
It's very easy...

Let's start with the verb 'ser' (to be) and the way it's constructed:

  • yo soy
  • eres
  • él / ella es
  • nosotros somos
  • vosotros sois
  • ellos / ellas son
Now, notice how we've used some pronouns such as 'yo' (I) and 'tú' (you). Why don't go back through the verb 'ser' and notice the pronouns?

After that, think of your name.

And finally, follow this structure and make up a sentence: pronoun + ser + name
You must have your first sentence in Spanish! What is it?

* Some other words you can use *: de Inglaterra (from England), de Estados Unidos (from the US), etc.