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I think the first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught.
I will not be an instructor or task-master, but rather a helper and a guide.
Having lived, studied, and worked in Asia, Europe, and the US in the last 13 years, in my Mandarin Chinese class you will not only learn a new language but also explore different aspects of cultures and lives!

Features of my teaching:
- A personalized study plan fitting your personal goals, skills or personality. Whether you are learning Chinese for business, for school or for fun, whether you want to work hard or just enjoy a simple conversation, I'll adapt to your needs!

- Scientific and efficient teaching methods. I learned to teach Mandarin Chinese at the Mandarin training center at National Normal University, one of Taiwan's most renowned universities for Chinese language teaching.

- Teaching experience: Both in a language center in South India and as a tutor. American NGO professionals, American-Japanese business professional, American English teacher, British university student, French history teacher, German high school teacher, Indian nonprofit professional, Japanese artist, Tibetan business professional, and a Vietnamese mother.

- Standard Mandarin with a standard accent. This is what you need for good pronunciation bases.

- Lots of patience and clear explanations.

- Chinese and Taiwanese Cultural stories; the etymology of Chinese characters to help facilitate your memory of the Chinese characters. Taiwan is the only place where traditional Chinese characters are preserved and used, so to learn from a native speaker from Taiwan, you can get closest to the ancient Chinese culture!

[For PINYIN and tone learners or beginners]
We don't need any textbook for this section. I offer diagrams to show you how these initials and finals work and also present their similarities and differences. Imitation and practice are the most important.

[What you can get in my class]
1. Class materials suiting your needs.
2. Tasks after each class and customized study progress
3. Patient correction of your pronunciation and grammar mistakes.
4. Not only the Chinese language but also Chinese culture and stories.

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Curriculum Vitae


2017 - 2017
Integral Counseling Psychology
California Institute of Integral Studies - California, USA
Studies in Counseling Psychology & Asian studies
2011 - 2012
MSc Arts & NGO management
EDHEC Business School - Lille, France
Training in social enterprise, art, and nonprofit sectors
1999 - 2003
B.A. Economics
National Taiwan University - Taipei, Taiwan
Focus on economic development

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

2009 - 2010
Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Auroville Language Laboratory - Auroville, Pondicherry, India
Teach adult students Mandarin Chinese and share Chinese culture stories
2014 - 0
Mandarin Chinese Tutor
Freelance - Taipei, Taiwan
Teach adult students Mandarin Chinese and share Chinese culture stories


2014 - 2014
Certificate of Qualification to teach Mandarin Chinese as a second/foreign language
Ministry of Education - Taiwan
2014 - 2014
Teaching Mandarin Chinese as a Second Language Training
National Taiwan Normal University - Taipei, Taiwan
90hrs training in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language
2009 - 2009
Chinese English Conference Consecutive Interpretation Training
National Taiwan Normal University - Taipei, Taiwan
30hrs training of Chinese English Conference Consecutive interpretation training

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