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Hello! I'm Max 🇩🇪 .
🔴 🌟 Full-time online language teacher for all levels.
🔴 🌟 Tailor-made lessons.
🔴 🌟 Trainer for all German international exams.
🔴 🌟 14+ years experience!! as a full time language teacher (since MARCH 2008)
🔴 🌟 Very diverse EXPERIENCE in learning foreign languages: Japanese, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian.
🔴 🌟 Qualified by the Humboldt-University of Berlin (Law School)

Just read the students' comments.

14 years of continuous and intense work have given me great, deep and varied tools and I have all the will in the world to apply them to guide you to the next level. I love my job. Helping students progress and become fluent in a language is a mission full of satisfaction, fun and intellectual challenges. It is truly an honour and a responsibility that I take on with great pleasure. My motivation is reflected in the classroom and in your progress.

🔰 GENERAL German for teens & adults 🔰【Beginners - Advanced】
🟡Expand and perfect your vocabulary & strengthen your GRAMMAR ( with me you are STRONG in GRAMMAR :)💪
🟡 Learn the colloquial language and understand German movies
🟡 Practice conversation in German. It's great fun!

🎓 ALL INTERNATIONAL GERMAN EXAMS🎓 【 Intermediate-Advanced】
🟣 Learn the structure of the exam.
🟣 Take sample tests (reading, essay writing, speaking and listening).
🟣 Deepen vocabulary and consolidate advanced grammar.

💼 𝐁𝐔𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐒 in GERMAN 💼【 Intermediate-Advanced】- BUSINESS GERMAN
🔵 Business communication skills for presentations, conference calls, team management, emails, interviews, resumes.
🔵 How to learn how to write business letters
🔵 Improve your vocabulary and consolidate your grammar

✈️ GERMAN for TRAVEL ✈️【Elementary - Advanced】
🌍 Practice the expressions you need.
🌍 Listen to conversations that might happen in real everyday life
🌍 Get to know the culture while you study.

My goal is your goal. I am able to completely adjust my priorities to get you what you need - your priority becomes my priority.
As in life, I propose to go directly to the situations that are most relevant to your life experience - in the first 20 minutes we will talk within situations imposed by life, work or an exam.
The second part of the lesson focuses on correcting homework - we develop style, grammar.
Finally, in the third part we explore texts and new topics, completing a cycle of improvisation, systematization and expansion of the language field and personal skills in German.

Describing my strength is easy: I create a safe and stable environment where the student feels comfortable. From and within that stable place, I stimulate the imagination with situations from everyday life and work. The student feels protected, and transported to the corners of the language they need to explore.
The second part, usually dedicated to the correction of the assignments, goes into even more depth on grammar, vocabulary and style. We correct a personal or professional diary, letters or presentations, questions and answers for an interview, or exam exercises done between lessons.
On a technical level, my strong point is the explanations and training in grammar. The student will realise that grammar really does get easier after a few lessons. In this sense I never disappoint.

My main objective is that you achieve a natural feeling of connection with the language. I will do everything, using all available resources, to motivate you.

Write to me if you have any questions or if you would like to have a trial lesson at a much lower price than the normal one.

In addition to German, my first language, I am also fluent in French, Spanish and English and can work with Russian, Portuguese and Italian speakers.

I work on the basis of tailored work plans - adapted to your needs for a timely solution, full of useful and practical resources.

⚠️To reschedule a lesson it is necessary to give at least 12 hours notice before the lesson starts. Lessons taking place within the next 12 hours cannot be rescheduled and therefore a refund cannot be given.

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Curriculum Vitae


2009 - 2012
Grammar and Linguistics
University of Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Grammar and Linguistics studies
2002 - 2008
Law Studies
Humboldt-University of Berlin - Berlin, Germany
German, European and comparative French-German law studies

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

2008 - 2009
French Teacher
Alliance Française Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina
French teacher to large groups, beginners
2008 - 2009
German teacher
Centro Universitario de Idiomas - Buenos Aires, Argentina
German teacher to large groups, beginners and intermediate students
2006 - 2006
Production assistant
DFFD, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin - Berlin, Germany
Film Production Assistant - internship
2004 - 2006
Student counselor for the Humboldt University of Berlin
Humboldt University of Berlin - Berlin, Germany
Social work helping foreign students with legal requirements, their psychological well-being and locating financial resources.
2008 - 0
Full time German, French, English and Spanish tutor
Freelance - Buenos Aires, Argentina and online to the world
Teaching students of all levels and ages, individually and in small groups (2-3), bringing them to their personal objectives in the language


2017 - 2018
Navigation licence
Prefectura Argentina - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Some people may be interested in acquiring language skills pertaining to the specific area of ship/yacht navigation and maintenance.
2006 - 2007
Japanese A1 level
Technische Universität Berlin - Berlin Technical University - Berlin, Germany
Beginner Japanese Certification issued by the University
2005 - 2005
Seminar zum Europäischen Unternehmensrecht
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg - Freiburg, Germany
Seminar with thesis on comparative German / Argentine One-Man Limited Company law
2003 - 2004
Fremdsprachliches Rechtstudium (II) Französisches Recht
Humboldt University of Berlin - Berlin, Germany
French Law studies in French
2002 - 2003
Fremdsprachliches Rechtstudium (I) Französisches Recht
Humboldt University of Berlin - Berlin, Germany
French Law studies in French
2003 - 2003
Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 Council of Europe Level)
University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations - Berlin, Germany
Certificate issued by the University of Cambridge attesting the highest level of English as a foreign language
2002 - 2002
Zertifikat Oberstufeprüfung (ZOP) C2 German level
Goethe Institut - Bonn, Germany
International certificate attesting a high proficiency level in German
2001 - 2001
University Model of United Nations Delegate
Universidad Católica Argentina - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Model of United Nations Certificate
2000 - 2000
Distinguished Mercosur University United Nations Model Delegate
University of Buenos Aires, Law School - Buenos Aires, Argentina
United Nations Model Distinction
2000 - 2000
Hebrew A1 Level
Instituto Cultural Argentino-Israelí, Argentine-Israeli Cultural Institute - Buenos Aires, Argentina
A1 Hebrew language certificate
1986 - 1997
Bachiller Bilingüe (Castellano-Francés) especializado en ciencias económicas y sociales
Liceo Franco-Argentino "Jean Mermoz" - Buenos Aires, Argentina
French / Argentine High School Degree issued by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires
1997 - 1997
First Certificate in English
University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate - Buenos Aires, Argentina
English level B2 examination (I was 17) - Result: Certificate Grade A
1986 - 1997
Diplôme du Baccalauréat Général ES - Économique et Social
Lycée Franco-Argentin "Jean-Mermoz" - Buenos Aires, Argentina
French High School Degree issued by the French National Ministry of Education, Research and Technology through the Académie de Poitiers in France
1994 - 1994
Preliminary English Test
University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pass with merit

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