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Hi students! Please send me a message if you wish to have a trial class with me. My schedule appears closed but I will open slots on an as-needed basis.

PARENTS: I do long term tutorials with children and develop individualized lesson
plans depending on their level and your requests.
Children fall under Categories 2 and 3.

I provide the following when needed or requested:
Audio for at-home practice, written instructions, comprehensive lists, homework, and detailed Class Reports and assessments.

Category 1: Free Talking/Conversational English

Provide any topic for discussion or I will offer topics for you to choose from.
News/Story articles may also be used and will be followed up with comprehension and critical thinking questions.
I will provide guidance, take note of any grammatical and/or pronunciation errors, vocabulary expansion, and will give a detailed assessment of your free talking capabilities + suggestions/tips for improvement at the end of each class.

Category 2: Target Specific
Do you need help formulating a speech? Editing an application letter? Preparing for a meeting? I have guided many students and even assist other teachers with editing. Do you want to work on your pronunciation, intonation, or comprehension?
I pay close attention to what you say and how you say it a and will provide you with tips and tricks to improve your problem areas.
Do you need help with idioms or conjugating verbs?
Do you want common English phrases to be explained to you?
I will provide materials and exercises for your specific needs.

Category 3: English Master Plan
Covers all areas of English learning: comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing, pronunciation, free talking, and more.
Includes: Class Reports, Quarterly Assessments, extensive lesson plans made specifically for you with worksheets, textbooks, games, voice recordings, and homework.
Recommended for children 7-16 years old.

ABOUT ME(teaching style):
I am friendly and upbeat and try to make my classes entertaining and fun. I am easy going but detail-oriented! I am also very intuitive and will cater to your specific needs. I am extremely patient, open-minded, and am very good with children. I want my students to succeed and I work hard to make sure they do!

ABOUT ME (personal):
My name is Riva and I am 36 years old.
I am a home school teacher to my 3 daughters(10,12,&16), teaching all subjects- math, science, language, social studies, creative writing, arts and crafts, etc.
I also own and run a boutique hotel by the beach and am currently designing and developing a small cafe.
I am bi-lingual and grew up learning various languages as my family lived in different countries around the world- the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UK.
I am a traveler at heart and as an adult have worked in or visited even more countries- Australia, Guam, China, and the USA.

2007: I began teaching English when I co-founded and became the Executive Director of a nonprofit, non-government organization. My team and I were conducting community building exercises and medical interventions along with documentation and anthropological studies of the Ayta Magbukun(an indigenous mountain tribe), when I began informally teaching preschool-aged students basic English. Over time I was able to acquire English textbooks, storybooks, and some curriculum for the tribe and began conducting more formal English lessons with older students between the ages of 12-17.
We often taught anywhere from 20-35 students at a time.
During our regular field visits, my co-worker and I also held group lessons with some of the elders of the tribe. This went on for about 2-3 years until the local government was able to provide the community with a proper school building and more teachers.

2012: I began homeschooling my own children. They are bilingual but were essentially ESL students when I began teaching them. Local schools had done a terrible job teaching English grammar, writing, and comprehension. I took over their lessons entirely and English is now their primary language. I teach all subjects including Math, Science, Creative Writing, Social Studies, Music, Arts, etc.

2013: I created a Sunday Art Club for little girls of impoverished families in our neighborhood. I taught Arts and Crafts for free and eventually found myself conducting English reading classes.

2014: Began teaching English as a freelance online tutor to Korean families living in Manila.

2014: I was invited to teach for YouWaijiao, a popular English Online Tutoring Company based in China. I taught students of all ages and levels. During this time I prepared students for the IELTS and TOEFL exams, school interviews, job applications, and conducted cultural awareness and preparation training, and was the go-to teacher for students in the medical field.

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