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Sarintip Chaleowchittikul

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Chinois mandarin

À propos de moi

Hello! My name is Sarintip, a native Thai from Bangkok.

I graduated with a baccalaureate degree in Thai history from Srinakarinwirot University. My postgraduate studies were in my university’s English Program. I have also edited and translated several books from English into Thai.

I love teaching people to speak my language, as not many Thais speak English correctly, so it gives more satisfaction and less frustration for expats to learn our language.

I mix well in any company, culture, or language background. In a decade of teaching I've taught students of all ages, 5 to 80, from many countries: grandparents, parents, and their children.

I am a reliable and patient teacher with intuitive understanding of my students’ needs. I don’t only teach Thai language, I teach Thai culture, how Thais do things, and why we think the way we do. This approach to learning gives expats a better fit into their new lives in Thailand.

As a professional and dedicated Thai teacher, I’ve been teaching expats for more than a decade to sharpen their spoken communication, reading and writing at all language proficiency levels. Fast-track teaching at each student’s own pace means they develop rapidly and move up to the next level quickly, so there’s no stress.

My students are from many different backgrounds; doctors, engineers, scientists, chemists, marketers, businessmen, journalists, diplomats, NGOs, singers & musicians, teachers, housewives, and many others.

My friendly and positive teaching enables my students to achieve their goals and feel at ease while learning Thai with me. Many of my referrals come from my students.

When I'm out teaching, my students make my heart soar—I feel valued.  Likewise, they get my full attention.. My students' valuable time zips by like watching a good movie!
Teaching Approach
Every lesson is bespoke-tailored to my students' varying needs and interests. I can teach anyone to speak Thai!

Thai is a tonal language which means that repetition is necessary. I’ll make sure my student’s pronunciation is crystal clear and grammatically correct.  

In my classes, I keep my talking to 20-30% and have my students follow me by practicing speaking (reading and writing, if needed) for the remainder of our class. I let them speak & speak & speak, so they can hear their own voice talking in a new language and become familiar with how they need to move their tongue, lips, and jaw in order to create the right tone. Soon, they will discover they have auto-correct built in. When they pronounce incorrectly, they'll be able to correct themselves immediately.

They learn how to weave their Thai words together with a story behind each sentence. I also do voice modification in the background to help them to speak like a native. When we end our classes, I always remind my students to jot down any questions they might have after they review their lessons, and add any new ones they may think of later, until we meet next time. Then we can just cut to the chase, as learning-time flies with me.

My lesson plans are a good way to keep track of topics we’ve learned and the students’ progress.

Learning Thai Naturally
I make my classes fun & productive, but still at a student’s own pace, custom- tailored to their level and needs.

1. Aural / Oral exercise
2. Repetition
3. Drill pronunciation by speaking, speaking & speaking.
4. Voice modification works this way.
5. Learning sentences: a whole sentence with structure, vocabulary, grammar & a story in itself.
6. Apply vocabulary in other pattern sentences; this way, students learn how to really communicate with Thais, not just vocabulary, but able to make their own sentences.
7. All my students repeat their previous lessons out loud, so the ears hear it. The brain will store all these intuitively until a student needs it the next time.
8. Chit-chat in Thai, a bit here and there through out your day, day in - day out, never fails!

I have boxes of teaching material and books about which I caution everybody at home, “Do not give this to the recycling man by mistake!”

Importantly, I always warm up my classes to review previous lessons. There may be something my student might have missed: this way they can catch up and be ready to continue with new lessons.

I'm always open to my student’s ideas as well. In the many years I've been teaching, I know that every new class is a challenge. Each student is different in his/her own way.

I enhance my student’s strong points & correct their weaker points. Thus, I provide many exercises to build up their understanding of the usage of each word, phrase & sentence and build their confidence at the same time. By working hard in our classes, it pays off by reducing their frustration when speaking with local Thais. They get their message across effortlessly with clear pronunciation! Locals appreciate being able to understand them, too.

Days of learning with me are always sunny!

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Private Thai Tutor
Freelance - Bangkok, Thailand
Speaking, reading & writing Thai


1984 - 1987
Bachelor of Arts Honours Graduate in History and Economics
Srinakharinwirot University. - Bangkok
Thai history