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Questions I frequently get from my students.

2 years ago
Are you teaching as a part-time job?
No, it’s my rice and fish sauce.

How many students do you have?
Oh, they come and go. I lose track.

What are your teaching hours?
My teaching hours are like 7 – 11:)

How long have you been teaching?
More than a decade (lately, I’ve gotten older than my students!).

How old are you, if you don’t mind?
No, not at all, because, I start to count the years down every birthday!

Can I pay you next time, I need to go to the ATM?
I’ll walk you to the ATM :)

How do you want me to pay you?
In advance, in a big chunk, so, I don’t need to think about it, easy on both of us :)

What is your method of teaching?
Pronunciation, pronunciation and pronunciation.

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