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"Dare del tu" vs "dare del Lei". Being formal or not. What do you think? Have a look to my last article!

5 anni fa

In Italian is very important to learn when you have to use the polite form and when you can be on first name terms: when you have to use "dare del Lei" and when you can use "dare del tu".

When I talk to someone I do not know, someone I have formal business relationships with or who is older than me, I have to use the polite form.

On the other hand, when I talk to a friend, a person in my family, a work colleague or someone I know well, I can "dare del tu".

Someone thinks that this represents an unnecessary formality, a legacy of the past, or something that limits spontaneity in relationships and immediacy in communication.

What do you think? Is there something similar in your languages?

Have a look to my article and give me your opinion! Thank you! :-)