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Rajesh Bhaskar

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Hello, my name is Rajesh Bhaskar and I'm currently living in India. I am a native Hindi speaker and teach Hindi. I have been an online Hindi teacher with several online platforms since June 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Hindi, English, Urdu. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

I am well versed in Hindi language and have been handling it right from my kindergarten. I have learnt this language officially for 25 years. I can teach this most popular Indian language in Hindi and English. Apart from English, I know 3 Indian languages. Every language has its own unique features and tones. Hindi is a very beautiful language to look at and to speak. You will understand and experience that only when you are aware of the various typical tones coming in that language. For that, you need to know the letters and script.

Teaching has always been my passion. I feel that by teaching, I am helping others to grasp a matter easily, which they may not be able to do it by themselves. I can say for sure that I know the pulse of a student as to where he/she may find difficulty in understanding a point and can put that in easily digestible terms.

*** You can have an initial trial class of 30 minutes, fully free. *** While booking me for a trial class, message me in the comment section, a little bit about yourself, where you are from, whether a student or in any job, the main purpose of learning Hindi, your familiarity with Hindi script and your Skype ID. If I don't see your introduction or if I don't get a prompt reply to my 1st message to you, I'll be cancelling the trial class. If you are unable to show up, intimate me and we can have it at another time.
Though I was born in Rajasthan, I was brought up in Rajasthan (Sikar). I did my schooling in Nawalgarh, where Hindi was my favorite subject. I have taken my Bachelor's and Master's degree from University of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

I have been an Online Hindi Language Trainer Since 2016. I have experience in teaching India's most spoken Hindi language to adults, mostly business people, doctors, lawyers, office bearers and other professionals alike. Anyone, who can understand, read and write fluently in English, can easily learn this language from me in just 45 classes.

Now, I have started teaching Indian kids ( 5 - 11 years ), born and growing up outside India. They can start learning from the basic letters. If they have Hindi as the second or optional language in school, they can get solid help from me with their lesson materials and home works.

So, I am confident that children can also feel comfortable and make use of this wonderful opportunity of online learning of Hindi from me in the easiest and most interesting way.

Can YOU (any non-Indian), who doesn't know even a single word in Hindi, ever imagine that you can talk easily in Hindi, in just 45 classes? From now on, you can!

As said that nothing is impossible in this world, you can make learning a new language possible in this short period, if you have personal interest, determination and are ready to put sincere effort and punctual revision from your side.

As I believe that a new language can't be learnt in 1 or 2 weeks, you need to have lots of patience to get there because you have to finish 45 classes with me in order to speak properly ! If you are a complete beginner to Hindi language and yet, want to speak Hindi in 5 - 10 classes, then I think, I am not the one for you!

Some are interested in learning different languages. If you have a passion towards Hindi language and want to be able to speak in Hindi comfortably, then I believe that you need to know the different typical tones that make the language sound soothing and unique. It's possible easily and quickly, if you take 45 classes of continuous and systematic training from me (15 classes = reading & writing, and 30 classes = conversation). After the session, you'll be dealing Hindi with full confidence. My lessons are fun-filled and at the same time, effective. You can choose your own convenient days and time for learning by going to my "Calendar".

I have been teaching Hindi language in its simplest form with necessary grammar, which makes the learner handle the language with ease. The lessons are well ordered, starting from the basics (alphabets) till sentence construction.

I give ample importance to the accent of the language by beginning with the pronunciation of each letter used in Hindi. So, I suggest all learners to first be familiar with reading Hindi words and then go for speaking classes.

Next, I give vocabulary words under different lists, followed by nouns, pronouns, verbs, cases of nouns (post positions), tenses and making sentences. Side by side, I teach simple phrases used in normal talk. I give simple test after each lesson, and practice exercises are given as homework.

On the whole, you'll be learning from the scratch - to read, write and speak this language in the most interesting and engaging way in mere 45 classes. I am eagerly waiting to help you. All the best.

*** You can have an initial trial class of 30 minutes (demo), fully free!! ***

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schoolStudi e Formazione

1999 - 2001
University of Rajasthan - Rajasthan, India
Political Science
1995 - 1998
University of Rajasthan - Rajasthan, India
Political Science, Hindi Literature, History

briefcaseEsperienza Lavorativa

2010 - 0
Choudhary Coaching Institute, Jaipur - Jaipur, Rajasthan
I have ran my coaching since 2010. I teach only Hindi grammar to local students of Jaipur. In my institute beginners, intermediate as well as professionals also come for learning Hindi grammar.


2011 - 2011
Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer Rajasthan - Rajasthan, India
I have completed my Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test from Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer Rajasthan
2010 - 2010
University of Rajasthan - Rajasthan, India
I have completed my B.Ed in bellow Subjects,1. EDU. & Emerging Indian Society, 2.PSY. Soc. Bas of lear & teach, 3.EDU. MGMT. & school organisation, 4.EDU TECH. & class room mgmt, 5.History, 6.Social Studies, 7. Practice of Teaching, 8.Theory & Pract teaching, 9.Computer LITER & EDU APPL, 10. Environmental EDU (Special Paper)

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