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Italian native tutor is looking for new students!

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Hi guys!

I'm Valentina, I'm 30 years old and I'm an Italian native Biologist with a strong passion for teaching! I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with people! Teaching has always been my passion. In add to Biology lessons, I teach Italian language since January 2019 to foreign students and workers. Do you want to learn the Italian grammar or would you like to speak Italian soon? I'd be very glad to help you! We will work together with a different set of materials about grammar, rules, your doubts, reduction of accent and Italian accent, but above all we will focus also on real conversations where you will learn new words!

I started with online platforms to teach Italian to international students from the United States and Europe. The needs of each person are different, what I try to do is understand your learning method and help improve it every day with patience.

I'm waiting for you!


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