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US$ 25
Zlatko Zlatevsecurity_checkedFlag
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Aulas: 1.365Alunos: 70
Hello, My name is Zlatko. I believe that learning Bulgarian online with me gives you the best of both worlds: fast progress and enjoyment. I am a native Bulgarian speaker with over 15 years of teaching experience. In my career, I have helped hundreds of students achieve their language goals. I offer a wide range of lessons from beginners to advanced students and can easily tailor them to both your interests and specific needs. My style is to have natural conversations about a variety of topics. I always encourage my students to speak and give them hints about how to remember as much as possible. We can focus on a different grammar point during a lesson too. The way I explain grammar rules is simple, digestable and fun. So if you are thinking about giving the language a go, brushing up on it and/or taking it up a notch, what are you waiting for? Please let me know what your language learning goals are, and I will build a realistic study plan for you. Teaching is an incredibly re...
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US$ 30
Martina Novakovasecurity_checkedFlag
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Aulas: 123Alunos: 11
Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning Bulgarian. Let me introduce myself. I studied Spanish Philology and Pedagogy at the Sofia University and the University of Valencia and last year I finished my Master’s Degree in Theatre Creation at the Carlos III University in Madrid. I'm currently finishing my MA in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities at NYU Steinhardt with a Fulbright Scholarship. Before moving to NYC I lived for 5 years in Madrid, Spain and where I was teaching Bulgarian and Spanish to foreigners. I have a diploma for a professional language teacher and I did a specialization in Pedagogy during my Bachelor´s studies. I worked for two years in a language academy teaching Spanish and in three schools in Bulgaria, Spain and the US. I'm a theatre director and playwright and currently teaching is the way I sustain myself in order to be able to make art. Мethodology I teach through English or Spanish. The fact that I know in depth three languages from di...
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