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5 misbeliefs 99% of UNsuccessul language learners have

7 лет назад
If you look at the way unsuccessful students study languages, you’ll notice they make the same mistakes. Here 5 Beliefs 99% Unsuccessful Language Learners Have
1. Fluency is attained at an advanced level
Unsuccessful students are interested in the academic phrases from day one. But they speak very slowly and think that fluency will happen on its own at some later point. In reality, it’s better to first speak simple phrases fluently, at a natural speed. Start with fluency and then move to the complex, academic language later.

2. Transliteration will help us

Students believe that Cyrillic is really difficult. But writing Russian with Latin letters would be like writing English with hieroglyphs. It’s only ok to use transliteration if you’ve been learning Russian for less than 3 hours. After that, you start creating extra problems for yourself.

3. The better the memory, the bigger the vocabulary
Unsuccessful students are sure that learning lots of words is the fastest way to master Russian. They learn words from translations, and rarely understand the true meaning of the words. The student has a head full of words that he can’t use in practise. Context and practice are the keys.
4. Conversation means stress.
Speaking in a foreign language is always stressful to begin with. But unsuccessful students manage to turn this stress into real hell. First, to become confident, develop positive associations. Конец формы
5. Avoid mistakes and be perfect
Unsuccessful Russian language students try hard to be correct. Unsuccessful students want to be 100% correct and never make progress. Successful language students make mistakes and move forward. Speaking correctly every time is impossible. But people will understand a less-than-perfect sentence.
I’m talking about mistakes, not about solutions. But why? Firstly, to know WHAT is incorrect is quite useful. You can stop, think and possibly not make a mistake. Secondly, to explain how to learn a language effectively, I’d need a whole course!
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