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4 года назад

It is very important to have good motivation, especially when you study a new language. So we have composed a list of the 3 main reasons why you should learn Russian. 🔻 For traveling. Russia is quite a unique country with its mysterious culture and complicated history, so traveling to Russia you an unforgettable experience, but there is a small problem: most of Russians do not speak English or any other languages. So to be more comfortable and safe during your trip it is better at least know how to read Cyrillic. 🔻For Work. A lot of profitable companies exist in Russia, so you can join them. But again you need to speak Russian to communicate with your colleagues. 🔻For free resources. Russian internet contains a lot of free stuff such as films, books, programs and so on. So you don’t need to pay for subscriptions or pay for books.⠀ If you want to find more information about the Russian language, see Russian grammar with video explanations, small pieces from Russian movies to learn new words, Russian language lifehacks and many more interesting things every day, follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/rulessons ⠀
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