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Several Common Ways to Learn New Vocabulary. And how do you remember new words?

5 лет назад
Some tips to learn and remember new vocabulary:

Making sentences helps us put everything you have learned into action: so you have learned a new word and you understand when to use it. But for the brain to remember this word in the future, the best way to memorize is by using it.

Flashcards are a popular way of learning new words. You can also use post-it notes and put them in places where you will see them regularly, or draw the definition of the word if you are a visual learner.

When you are having fun it’s so much easier to learn. So play games like boggle or scrabble.

Speaking of context: Movies, TV shows, books, podcasts or songs are not only a great source for the most common words, they can also help you memorize the vocabulary because they always come associated with a scene, a person, or a (real-life) event.

A great little trick is to always carry around a notebook and pencil. Then, if you hear a word or sentence you like in a movie or a song, you can write it down.

And what helps you to remember new words?