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Some facts about Saint Petersburg (Russia). What is the most beautiful city in your country?

4 года назад
St. Petersburg is one of the most visited cities in Russia, attracting tourists for many reasons. Some come for the architecture, some for the history and others to experience the rich culture.

Saint Petersburg is called the “Capital of Culture” for a reason. The whole historic center of Petersburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with estimated 8000 landmarks. In comparison, there are only two World Heritage Sites in Moscow – Red Square and Kremlin.

St. Petersburg is a proud owner of 800 bridges, 13 of them are drawbridges.

And the #1 attraction in St Petersburg is the Hermitage. Hermitage collection has about 3 million items housed in 350 halls of five buildings. To view the entire collection, stopping at each exhibit only for 1 minute, you will have to spend 8 years of life and walk more than 20 kilometers.

There are as many reasons why St Isaac’s Cathedral is unique as you want. The main dome of St Isaac’s Cathedral is gilted with 100 kg of pure gold. During the WWII siege residents hid it beneath the layer of gray paint.

A couple of more interesting facts about St Isaac’s Cathedral: At St Isaac’s Square you can see a monument to Nicholas I, a unique equestrian sculpture on two points of support, the only one in the world.

The St. Petersburg’s subway is the deepest in the world if consider the average depth of stations. The deepest station here is Admiralteyskaya, it lies 86 meters (282 feet) beneath the ground.

From mid June to early July St. Petersburg experiences a phenomenon called White Nights. The city remains lit up by sunlight practically throughout the whole day, making cultural events and late-night walks very popular. That time of year is also the time for the White Nights Festival, a series of ballet, opera and orchestral performances at the renowned Mariinsky Theatre.

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