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Catherine Kay

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Hola. O meu nome é Catherine. Vivo em Ladoeiro, um aldeia bonita perto de Castelo Branco, Portugal.
Ensino Inglês. Tenho um grau (Universidade de Bradford, Inglaterra), um Certificado de Pós Graduação em Educação e um certificado para ensinar Inglês.
Tenho muita experiência de ensino.
Adoro ensinar. Sou creativo, paciente e adaptável.

Posso ensinar uma aula de hora ou uma aula de meia hora. Uma aula de meia hora custará meio do dinheiro.
Vivo em uma quinta. Gosto de jardinagem e cuidar os animais.
Falo Português só um pouco mas estou a aprender!
Espero conhecê-lo em breve.

Hello. My name is Catherine.

I live and work on a farm in rural Portugal with my all lovely animals and I teach English.

I have worked for Verbling for some time now. I offer half hour lessons which are half of the cost of an hour long lesson.

Back in England I worked as a manager for a National Educational charity for over 14 years before being made redundant and deciding to study for a TEFL certificate so I could get back to doing the work I love, which is teaching.

I have a Batchelors degree, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and have recently completed a level 5 120 hour TEFL certificate.

Throughout my work with the educational charity I was involved in teaching, designing courses and creating resources. I designed a wide range of courses including a course for people who wanted to volunteer in their communities, a chicken keeping course and beginner level science courses where parents and their children could learn about the solar system or dinosaurs. I also designed and taught courses for tutors to help them build on and widen their skills and to link their courses to current political or environmental issues such as the plight of bees and other pollinators or social inequaity.

Before working for this charity I worked with older people organising sing a long sessions and teaching reminiscence workshops and crafts sessions. I also worked with homeless people teaching art and craft courses and courses exploring the five senses.

I worked as a self employed arts and crafts tutor for a number of year teaching people in their own homes.
I have taught people of all ages from 2 to a hundred years of age. There is no age limit to learning.

I love using my creativity to design fun and imaginative lesson plans and resources. During my teaching I use flash cards, crosswords, gapped handouts, games quizzes, whiteboards... maybe even puppets to bring the lesson to life.
I find out about each student, their hobbies and interests, and their reasons for learning English so I can tailor the class to meet their needs. With regular students I send copies of resource materials prior to the class and set homework afterwards so they can get the very most from each session.

Apart from teaching English and running my farm I enjoy building and DIY. I am also learning European Portuguese so I know first hand about the challenges and joys of learning another language.

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British English



2018 - 2018
TEFL certificate
TEFL.org.uk - UK
120 hour level 5 TEFL course, classroom and online
1993 - 1995
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Manchester Metropolitan University - Manchester UK
education theory and practice for adult and community learning at postgraduate level
1980 - 1984
BSc Science and Society
University of Bradford - Bradford UK
Multidisciplinary focus on how science and technology impact society.

briefcaseОпыт работы

2002 - 2017
Learning manager
Workers Educational Association - Manchester U.K.
Responsible for organising and ensuring quality of a range of adult education provision across Greater Manchester
1995 - 2002
cornerstones day centre and self employment - Manchester U.K.
Range of teaching jobs with homeless people, people with learning disabilities etc.

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