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Christian Müller

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My name is Christian. I am a 38-year-old German native living near Berlin, Germany. I thank you for your interest in my services as a teacher. I'd also like you to read my booking information for new students at the end of my description

I am a fulltime professional teacher for German as a foreign language for over 6 years and also have a background in teaching and design. I create my materials in InDesign and use my recording equipment to record listening materials in Audition for Memrise. I'm a fan of games (PC, Dungeons & Dragons, Switch), languages, history, science and art and all sorts of media, including books and movies.

When I am not teaching I spend my time honing my skills as an artist and writer, stream and continue to further educate myself about art, linguistics and other scientific fields. I also like memes (ask me about cats) music, history and are generally interested in many topics. Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet.

Why do I teach?
As someone who used to stutter and dislike languages (especially grammar), getting into intense-self-studies to improve my English became my origin story. I worked as teacher for English in my hometown for 2 years afterwards, after acquiring a C2 certificate from Cambridge.
This encouraged me to also intensely study and re-fresh my knowledge about the German grammar, phonetics and teaching techniques (didactics) before starting to teach online full-time. Since then, I had the pleasure to teach teenagers, students, and business people alike.

Through that and my pursuit to master my passions of art and writing I don’t believe in inherited talent, but pursued interest. Everyone can, through dedication, practice and fun, learn to speak a foreign language. If you don’t get something, I will find another way to explain it.

How I teach:
While teaching I adapt the lesson to your strengths, weaknesses and abilities and structure it along your goals and needs. This can include exercises and materials for grammar, pronunciation, role-plays for daily conversation, job interviews, working environments and language exams (Goethe Institute, TestDaF, Telc). For that end I use my own materials and exercises. I also usually work alongside the European Framework for languages to teach you a wide range of topics and terms. How close we have to follow their suggested topics and abilities depends on what you like to achieve.
I usually have a focus on the basic grammar first and then apply it with you while we speak but I am open to your approach and will give you advice in how to progress.
While I don't have a degree in Germanistics I do have an extensive knowledge about grammar and linguistics and 5+ years experience in teaching German to foreigners. Even if you have absolute zero knowledge about grammar I can simplify my explanations for you, find comparisons to your native language and help you structuring your approach in learning German, if wanted.

Booking information for new students:
1) I do not offer 30 min trial lesson, as full hours have worked out better in my experience. If you do not have the option to book a single lesson you can book the smallest package instead and we can cancel the rest of the lessons if it does not work out.
2) I am willing to reschedule or cancel a lesson for you if you feel ill, even if this happens 12 or less hours prior to the lesson. But I take the liberty to not accept them for any other reason it the lesson happens on the following day. Please understand what drain of income those cancellations and reschedulings mean and that while Verbling gives students the ability to do so, I cannot afford it.
3) I do not teach kids under the age of 17 anymore.
4) A decent level of English is necessary.

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Standard German


briefcaseОпыт работы

2016 - 2018
Teaching English
Schlaufuchs - Eberswalde
Teaching English to school children.
2016 - 2017
Teaching English
Studienkreis - Eberswalde
Teaching English to school children.
2017 - 0
Teaching German
Teaching German worldwide


2016 - 2016
Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Proficiency)
Cambridge English Language Assessment - Berlin
C2 certification for English

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