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Joshua Opperman

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Specialities: Academic English, Business English, and Conversational English.
I offer courses in, not just English, but Academic Philosophy and Critical Thinking too! Up to a 50% discount on philosophy courses on a case by case basis.

I'm a native English speaker from Cape Town, South Africa. I spent 4 years studying Anthropology and Philosophy. After finishing my honours degree in philosophy, I became a Philosophy Tutor at UCT. I have taught three philosophy courses over three separate semesters: business ethics, introduction to philosophy, and normative ethics.
I have been an ESL teacher since the start of 2017, beginning in Vietnam. I have since moved to beautiful Bali. Since 2017 I have not only taught English to various ages, but I have also taught mathematics, science, and social sciences. I consider my range of different kinds of teaching experience to have developed an adaptability that is crucial to cater to the needs and wants of individual students. My strengths lie in explaining complex subject matter in a simple way and maintaining interesting conversations. With me as your teacher, we could explore topics that personally interest you in conversation-based lessons. I have prepared material on many fascinating topics such as the ethics humour, polyamory and free will. The aim of these lessons would be to improve your ability to have important, meaningful and genuine conversations with English speakers.

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British English
South African English



2015 - 2016
Bsocsci Honours in Philosophy
The University of Cape Town - Cape Town, South Africa
Focused exlcusively on four courses: Moral reasoning, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of art and literature, and rational decision making. I went on to write a thesis in the field of applied ethics, and further went on to present my research at a departmental symposium (which I helped to organise) in 2016.
2012 - 2014
Bsocsci in Anthropolgy and Philosophy
The University of Cape Town - Cape Town, South Africa
Broad range of topics from medical anthropology to power, wealth, culture, science, ethics, consciousness, logic and many many more. I also did electives in classics, archaeology, etymology and more. Beyond studying a broad range of topics I also excelled in most of them academically.

briefcaseОпыт работы

2018 - 2018
Online English Teaching
DadaABC - Da Nang, Vietnam
I have recently begun teaching English online to Chinese students, through the company DadaABC.
2017 - 2018
Private Tutoring
n/a - Da Nang, Vietnam
On weekends I privately tutor a student in maths, science, social sciences and ICT. She as a 2nd language English speaker preparing to start her grade 8 year in an international school program, and so I am preparing her for that.
2017 - 2018
Various positions at popular language schools in Da Nang
AMA, SLS, Green Bee and others - Da Nang, Vietnam
At various points I have taught various classes at other English Centres throughout Da Nang. Through these centres I have taught kindergarten to adult classes.
2017 - 2018
ESL teacher at an international school
Skyline International School - Da Nang, Vietnam
I taught an advanced grade 3 class in a formal classroom setting. Alongside English I also taught them Maths and Science
2017 - 2017
ESL teacher
American English School - Da Nang, Vietnam
Standard communicative ESL lessons at a private language centre. Here I taught from ages 4 to 14
2016 - 2017
Tutor of Philosophy
The University of Cape Town - Cape Town, South Africa
In undergraduate I was employed by UCT to teach business ethics. This course was intended for commerce students, in order to teach them writing, debating and critical thinking skills. As well as teach them ideas about how to conduct business ethically. Introduction to philosophy focused a few key debates in philosophical discourse, in order to develop the critical thinking, speaking and writing skills of first year students. In Ethics, the focus was specialised into thinking through the question - what makes an action good? I taught various attempts by philosophers to answer this question with 'normative theories' which aimed to solve this longstanding and divisive topic. Through each of these course I taught through facilitated debates and discussions, based on weekly readings. I assessed their work through argumentative essay writing.


2017 - 2017
The Knowledge Workshop - Cape Town
I have a 120 hour in class TEFL certification from the leading producer of TEFL graduates in Cape Town.

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