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Mira Majtan

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Ana Dil
Ana Dil


*PhD holder in German studies, 20+ years of teaching experience*
-The reason I change my availability is that I accepted the director’s position of the Austrian Institute Bratislava (yes, it’s like Goethe Institute and yes, it also provides internationally recognized German exams, but it’s under the Austrian government). Although my availability will be limited, I am willing to support you, should you need an advice regarding learning German or regarding exams. Should you be able to book classes at my current rate on a regular basis, we shall find time slots that would fit us both.-

Hello, I have a PhD from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, and I have been teaching German and the subjects related to German language, culture and literature for more than 20 years. My jobs included preparation of exams which were in line with the CEFR. At the same time, I led intensive German courses (DaF) for students who started with German from scratch and needed to be prepared for their studies in Germany.

I started teaching during my studies at university. Most of the jobs I was given back then involved working with teenagers and adults. It was a challenge for me but I loved it! Later on, I spent 17 years in Southeast Asia, where I worked at various universities and gained enormous experience in working with multiethnic and multicultural groups. Apart from that, I also had the opportunity to participate in the development of study programs. In addition to German, I communicate in English, Czech, Russian and I speak a tiny bit of Malay.
We all are different learners and we shall find the most suitable way for ourselves! At the beginning of my teaching career, I considered being a non-native German speaker as my weakness. However, growing experience in teaching and co-working with German mother tongue speakers, I realized that it is actually my strength. I went through the whole process of learning German from zero to the highest level, which included all sorts of fun, confusions and frustrations. That’s why I understand the needs, progress and questions of my students very well.
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2008 - 2014
Dr. phil.
University of Duisburg-Essen - Germany
German studies
2007 - 2007
German teacher
Volkswagen Slovakia - Bratislava, Slovakia
German language ‘refreshing course’ for the employees of Volkswagen Bratislava with the focus on their actual professional environment. The majority of the course participants was in the company management and has passed a state exam in German language in the past. They learned to use their language skills in the automobile industry context.
1995 - 1999
Constantine the Philosopher University - Slovakia
German as a Foreign Language (German Literature, German Linguistics, Didactics – German as a foreign language; teaching practice included)
1998 - 1998
German substitute teacher
High school of Food Industry - Slovakia
Teacher of German language (level B1)
1995 - 1998
State examination in Pedagogy
Constantine the Philosopher University - Slovakia

briefcaseÇalışma Deneyimi

2019 - 2019
German lecturer
Carl Duisberg Centren (CDC) and Sunway International College - Malaysia
German intensive course (level A1 – A2) for students in Malaysia and a sociocultural preparation for their further studies and life in Germany
2008 - 2018
Senior Lecturer of Bachelor’s degree Program in German
Universiti Putra Malaysia - Malaysia
Subjects taught: Introduction to German Literature, Introduction to German Linguistics, Teaching German as a Foreign Language, German Writing Skills, Introduction to German Culture, German as a Foreign Language (A1-B1 levels), Communication Skills in German Language I and II
2008 - 2008
German teacher
Österreich Institut - Bratislava, Slovakia
German language courses (level A1 and B2)
2002 - 2007
Lecturer of Bachelor’s degree Program in German
University of Malaya - Malaysia
Lecturer of Bachelor’s degree Program in German; Subjects taught: Introduction into German Literature, Introduction into German Morphology, Introduction into German Syntax, German Phonetics, German Language History, German for Special Purposes, German as a Foreign Language (level B2 - C2)
2002 - 2006
German lecturer
University Kebangsaan Malaysia - Malaysia
Lecturer for German intensive courses (level A1 - A2); preparing students for their studies in Germany in terms of language and culture.
2001 - 2001
German teacher
Slovak Technical University - Slovakia
German language courses for students and public (level A1-A2)
1999 - 1999
German teacher
Academy of Education - Slovakia
German language course for the employees of Volkswagen Slovakia, Nitra (level A1). Most of the participants were employed as managers and they needed to gain a basic German knowledge.