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Daniella Dedekind

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Hello English students! My name is Daniella, and I am a qualified English teacher from South Africa.

I have been teaching High School students for seven years, but I have tutored English for nine years (and German for eight years). I believe that this experience in teaching languages has prepared me to help you improve your English.

I have taught and tutored students of all ages (from five-year-olds, to sixty-five-year-olds), and of various nationalities (from German, Italian and French, to Angolan and Mozambican). Each of these students had a different reason for learning English – be it to improve their conversational skills, improve their Business English, practice their pronunciation, work on their writing skills, or even prepare for a specific examination – and as such, I am aware of the various reasons you may have for wanting to take English lessons.

Apart from my qualifications in Education, I have a BA degree in English, Music and Law, as well as a BA (Hons) degree in English. I am currently working towards my MA in English literature.

While English is my first language, I also speak German and Afrikaans fluently and so the challenges that accompany learning a new language are not new to me. My knowledge of these languages helps me to understand the grammar systems of both English and other languages more easily.

My lessons are interesting and engaging, and structured around your abilities and needs. I look forward to getting to know you, and to hearing why you want to improve your English skills.

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Trial lessons are a chance for us to get to know each other to see how we will be able to work together to improve your English skills. In your trial lesson, we will have a conversation about who you are, and your journey with English so far - this will allow me to assess your current abilities and needs, and give you some feedback about what we can focus on in your English lessons. I will also tell you a little about the structure of my lessons, and how I intennd to help you reach your goals!
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British English
South African English



2016 - 2016
BA (Honours) English
University of Pretoria - South Africa
Focus on Literature
2015 - 2015
Postgraduate Certificate in Education
University of Pretoria - South Africa
Focus on English FET Phase
2012 - 2014
BA English and Law
Rhodes University - South Africa
Focus on Literature

briefcaseÇalışma Deneyimi

High School English Teacher
Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria - Pretoria, South Africa
English Home Language Teacher, Grade 8-12
2017 - 2020
High School English teacher
Crawford College - South Africa
Teaching High School students (Grade 8-12)
2016 - 2016
University English tutor
University of Pretoria - South Africa
Tutoring first-year university students in the English Department (focusing on Literature).
2014 - 2014
University German tutor
Rhodes University - South Africa
Tutoring first-year university students in the German Department (focusing on conversational German and grammar concepts).
2015 - 0
Tutoring German
Teach Me 2 - South Africa
Focus on beginner learners (both children and adults) wanting to improve their conversational as well as overall knowledge of German.
2014 - 0
Tutoring English
Teach Me 2 - South Africa
Focus on University students, school-going students and adults wanting to improve their conversational English.


2019 - 2020
Online English Teaching Course
The English Square
Working through concepts and skills required in the online English teaching sphere
2011 - 0
German C1
Deutsches Sprachdiplom - South Africa
German C1 certification