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*Specific needs*
If you want advanced classes such as IELTS training and exam preparation, please be advised that I cannot teach at the advertised rate; high preparation time means I cannot justify the hourly rate. Please also aware that lessons for children will cost more due to increased planning time.

*Class Length*
Please be aware that I teach 45-minute classes rather than 1 hour. This is because research (and my experience) shows that concentration can only be maintained for a certain amount of time, and the student isn't necessarily getting value from the last 15 minutes of a 60-minute class. The shorter class time is reflected in my prices.
I am a CELTA qualified, professional English teacher, with experience teaching people from diverse backgrounds, from wealthy businessmen to fishermen in Malaysia. I have worked for private language institutes and public schools, as well as designing and delivering courses for charities I have worked for.

I love to develop friendships with students based on common interests, and to incorporate these into classes, meaning they are engaging as well as useful for the student and me. Although I am the teacher, I believe that learning a language should be a shared learning experience and cultural exchange for student and teacher.

My passions include travel, cooking and spiritual development as well as spending time in the outdoors, whether I’m climbing, hiking or relaxing. This translates into a love and respect for the natural environment, and I have a keen interest in how we reconnect with nature to preserve the environment, specifically what we can learn from indigenous cultures.
I have experience teaching students who want to achieve the following goals:

*Succeed in IELTS and Trinity examinations.

*Learn specific business English.

*Learn English as a young learner.

*Develop English alongside other topics, such as Environmental and Social Responsibility (CLIL)

*Improve conversational skills for travel

My approach to language learning is to focus materials and lessons on the interests of my students, meaning learning becomes a more natural and entertaining experience.

Having lived abroad in China, I understand the difficulties of trying to adapt to new cultures and learning a complex new language, so you'll be having lessons with someone who can relate to the fears you have. At the moment I’m based in Chile, where I’m using immersion to learn Spanish. Chileno is a very unique language and difficult to get your head around, so I can definitely relate to any difficulty you might be having understanding accents and regional variations in English.

I'm primarily trained in teaching through the communicative approach, leading to the acquisition of natural, meaningful language, but I also like to incorporate task-based learning, working with you on multi-week projects based on your interests to focus on a particular skill or language point. Some examples of projects I've worked on with students include solutions to climate change and designing sustainable tourism plans.

I'm excited to meet you soon!
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British English



2014 - 2015
MSc Conservation
University College London - London
Focus on marine protected areas
2010 - 2014
MSci Geology
Imperial College London - London, UK
Focus on energy solutions

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Green World English - UK
Teaching English alongside environmental and social responsibility to students from China ages 5-16
2017 - 2018
English teacher
Shane English School - Kunming, China
Designing my own courses and teaching students ages 4-18
2016 - 2017
Education coordinator
Population Matters - London, England
Reviewing educational material and providing course assistance to charity partners.
2013 - 2014
Teaching Assistant
Imperial College London - London, England
Assisting lecturers in running practical and theory sessions
2018 - 0
Online English Teacher
ALO7 - Shanghai, China
Teaching children ages 4-14


2016 - 2016
International House - Budapest, Hungary
Grade: Pass B